The most noticeable characters in superhero movies even if they are just supporting roles (P.1)

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10. X-23 (Logan)

When Hugh Jackman last played werewolf in Logan 3 gave the audience a completely new character – ‘X-23’. This little girl named Laura Kinney can be considered a descendant of Logan, not only inheriting his courage but also possessing extremely sharp claws. After this movie was released, many people became fans of the “little” Wolf girl. Recently, it was also reported that the producer intends to make a separate movie for the character X-23, which is expected to gain a lot of love from series fans. Logan before.


9. Alfred Pennyworth (Batman)

Alfred Pennyworth’s butler character in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice must “open your eyes”. He is not simply a loyal, devoted housekeeper of the Wayne family (Batman’s family). Alfred Pennyworth on the screen is a sharp-tongued person who collaborates with Batman extremely well and seems to have become a close partner and “brother” of Batman.


8. X-24 (Logan)

In Logan 3, in addition to focusing on the main character Logan and “little” Werewolf X-23, the appearance of the character X-24 played by actor Hugh Jackman also makes viewers excited. X-24 is an artificial mutant, created in a laboratory with Wolverine’s DNA, with the same quick healing abilities and adamantium claws. This means that when Wolverine and X-24 fight, we will have two Hugh Jackmans on screen.


7. Ares (Wonder Woman)

As a villain in a blockbuster Wonder Woman. Although he is the god of War, Ares in the myth is not inherently such a bad person. However, to the movie version. Ares is portrayed as a mad, fanatical, murderous god. Moreover, the actor who plays the villain Ares this time is “Master Lupine” in Harry Potter – an honest person who was always loved by everyone before, now becoming an evil god is also a factor that attracts viewers’ attention.


6. Hela (Thor)

Thor 3 same as Captain America 3, is a movie that converges a lot of superheroes. However, with the mobilization of such a large number of superheroes, just to deal with the evil female Hela alone, it is enough to understand how strong this villain is. Especially the moment when Hela crushed Mjolnir’s magic hammer made viewers super excited because of this evil woman’s strong aura.


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