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According to FIFA, “ancient football” was born in China around the 2nd and 3rd centuries BC. Through the development process, from a game, without football rules to become a popular sport and is popular around the world with a series of rules of competition, tactics, team formation … beautifully referred to as “king sport”.

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Along with its development, football has brought about a series of changes, additions and upgrades to the football field, the game uniform, the match monitoring technology … Even a problem that the ball. Ancient football never cared about, nowadays, it is a top important issue of every team, becoming the key to every win-lose match. That is “tactic”, is the formation of the squad.

The most effective tactics in FIFA Online 3

In fact, the football map is formed, developed and researched by people. Therefore, each person has a hobby and a knack for their team. Both to ensure the effectiveness of the game, but also to bring style and mark of that individual. Not only in reality, but also in online soccer games like FIFA Online 3, that is also shown very clearly. It is possible to go through some typical diagrams that are being coached “virtual” This uses the following:

1) 4-2-2-2 tactical chart

Is a variation from the schematic 4-4-2 traditional (4-4-2’s central midfield pairing into two defensive midfielders, while simultaneously pushing the flanks up to play as attacking midfielders). This is a diagram that is being loved by many coaches and used increasingly popular in FIFA Online 3. Simple yet effective, 4-2-2-2 provided a comprehensive defensive stance with two defensive midfielders, two attacking midfielders and two forwards. Very suitable for people who choose a solid defense, quick counter-attack.

Lineups that are often used in FIFA Online 3

Optimal choice for coaches when using the diagram 4-2-2-2 That is: in addition to the two midfielders who are in charge of interception, recovering the ball and launching attacks, the two winger midfielders must be players with good speed, fitness and diverse finishing abilities. Strikers include two players sweeping, finishing a good touch.

Advantages of the 4-2-2-2 streamline:

  • diagram hexagon 4-2-2-2 is one of the most popular schematics that these FIFA Online Coach 3 preferred to use. Because in addition to effectiveness in attack, there is also a scheme to achieve stability in defense.
  • When defending:VWith a large number of players in the downline, coaches will have an extremely tight defense. NThe way up the opponent’s ball will stumble into dense defenses. Therefore, the lining between the players is exchanged, ensuring certainty.
  • When counter-attacking: Speed ​​is the most important factor. Need to try to focus on tightly defending the home field. Waiting for the opportunity, launching long passes to cross the line so that the two winger open up the speed and make passes, stretching inwards for the two strikers to finish a touch. In addition, work Combining short passes with agile upline movements is most effective.

Tactics diagrams commonly used in FIFA Online 3

Disadvantages of the 4-2-2-2 tactic:

  • The majority of the focus “Number” The home side will slow the attack down, or rely heavily on long passes that require high precision for the two winger.
  • The distance between the two pillar midfielders and the players above is quite far. This will create a large void in the middle of the field. Create opportunities for the enemy to dominate. If the opponent uses diagrams with many midfielders in the middle of the field like 4-5-1 good 4-1-4-1 then 4-2-2-2 will have difficulty deploying the ball. The two forwards were forced to move more to put pressure on the opponent’s defense.
  • Mainly played based on two bounds, so if the flanks are locked, the game’s play 4-2-2-2 will not be able to exert full effect.

How to overcome the disadvantages of the 4-2-2-2 formation:

  • The space between the pitch is the only weakness of the scheme 4-2-2-2. To compensate for this defect, experienced coaches often place one of the two strikers below the other. Aim to support two midfielders clinging to the ball in the midfield area.
  • Adjustments to the full-backs are not so high. If you let the full-backs freely participate in the attack, and unfortunately lost the ball, while the two intercepting midfielders could not back up to cover, it would be like killing yourself.

With 4-2-2-2, many players have succeeded, and made a name for themselves in the gaming industry FIFA Online In the world.

See more clip on how to use the 4-2-2-2 diagram in FO3:

2) 4-3-3 tactical diagram

Improved from the diagram 4-2-4. This is also a very popular diagram with three central midfielders who both recover the ball and participate in attacking. Outstanding with the possession of the ball, attacking continuously with short bans and ballless movements of the players (Barcelona), there was a time 4-3-3 is considered the perfect replacement of 4-2-4 to balance and match trends with modern football.

Lineups that are often used in FIFA Online 3

The omission of a striker to add a defensive midfielder will help these three midfielders play close together and focus in the midfield area, with no tendency to drift. In contrast, the three strikers played in three specific positions, two on the sidelines and one in the middle. The defense with two full-backs outside of defensive duty is also capable of increasing offensive support, while the two central defenders mainly stand in front of the goal and cover.

Advantages of the 4-3-3 tactic:

  • Strong in attacking the border with two wingers who always support the midfielder.
  • Is a scheme with a variety of attacks. When needed, the three midfielders can attack straight from the middle or combine the flanks with the full-back to create attacks along the flank. They can either cross the ball for the striker to finish or kick the ball back to the second line for the midfielders to fire off shots.
  • Sometimes the wing strikers themselves do the moves “Poke the ribs” get in and launch dangerous shots on their own towards the opponent’s goal.
  • Strikers can also swap positions to create variety in their runways.

Lineups that are often used in FIFA Online 3

Disadvantages of 4-3-3 diagram:

  • When two full-backs join the attack, behind them will leave a huge void, and can become dead spots in the defense, easily exploited by the opponent with attacks, straight passes. to the position they just moved.
  • Because the distance between the lines is quite far and fragmentary, the connection is really tight. That is why, when the ball is lost, the support between the lines for each other is not really effective and passive.
  • The midfield three people together go back to the defense, so it will make the center area mBurns out, leading to the players having difficulty controlling the ball in the midfield, as well as long-range defense and recalling the ball.
  • If the opponent’s full-backs do not join the attack, the two wingers will have difficulty and are forced to stick inside to find the ball and accidentally the striker, the midfielder will “step on each other’s feet” when joining the attack.

How to overcome the disadvantages of the 4-3-3 formation:

  • Control the ball well in the midfield area, limit the loss of the ball from the rope to avoid danger due to a large hole in the back.
  • Limit the rising phases of two full-back if not absolutely necessary.
  • Extend the gap between the three midfielders so that they can both assist the attack, connect with the defensive line, collect and distribute the ball.

Lots of coaches in FIFA Online 3 as well as in real life, they adore their attacking play with their best, that’s why, they always use this tactical scheme.

See more clips about this tactic while playing FIFA Online 3:

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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