Detailed skills of each character in Valorant

Valorant is 1 title Team strategy game combining FPS style very interesting and attracted a large number of players right from the start. And the character system in Valorant is equally special, if you know how to choose and use the correct skill, the player will surely win in hand. Let’s learn about the character system as well as the skills of each character in this Valorant game!

The characters and skills in the game Valorant
The characters and skills in the game Valorant

1. Viper – Pandemic

Viper is a character class that uses chemicals to control the map. This is a rather buggy character because her unique wall-building skills are long-lasting.


  • Real name: Sabine.
  • Country: United States.
  • Gender: Female.
  • Role: Commander.

Vipper - Chemical gunman

Skill 1 – Snake Bite:

  • For 100 coins, you can accumulate 2 skill points. Viper Launches a poison ball, when touching an object will spread damage enemy and team up there.

Skill 2 – Poison Cloud:

  • Costs 100 coins and can only store 1 point. Activate 1 poison mine at the location of your choice and can be turned on / off. All who go into toxic smoke Viper will cause the blood to drop without braking, but it will stop at number 1. Which means no one will die from it. Step out of the poisonous smoke will restore the original amount of blood.

Characteristic skills – Toxic Screen:

  • No purchase required and available, acting as intrinsic. Viper Throws a series of mines in long lines, the activation will form a wall of poisonous smoke. This skill also uses the fuel bar as skill 2. Toxic Screen can’t pick up the mines.

Last hit – Viper’s Pit:

  • Requires 7 accumulation points to use. Creates a circle of poison areas, persisting until Viper stay out for too long or die. Additionally, anyone entering the Ulti zone will emit a red light, allowing Viper to see destruction.

2. Sage


  • Real name: Mirai Kimur.
  • Country: China.
  • Gender: Female.
  • Role: Guardian.

Sage is famous for his ability to revive teammates

Skill 1 – Barrier Orb:

  • Requires 300 coins, up to 1 hoard. Creates a barrier wall, which can be destroyed when taking too much damage.

Skill 2 – Slow Orb:

  • Requires 100 coins, 2 charges. Throws a ball, limiting the enemy’s movement while standing on the spread area.

Characteristic skills – Healing Orb:

  • Free, 1 hoard. Heal yourself or your teammates.

Resurrection – Resurrection:

  • It costs 7 charges to use. Can revive teammates.

3. Sova – Hunter


  • Real name: #.
  • Country: Russia.
  • Gender: Male.
  • Role: Open fighting.

Sova - The gunman is known for his ultimate on the map

Thoroughly power 1 – Owl Drone:

  • Requires 100 coins, up to 1 hoard. Launch 1 controllable drone, capable of firing signals at the enemy. Can be canceled by pressing C or shot by the enemy.

Skill 2 – Shock Bolt:

  • Ask for 100 coins, up to 2 charges. Firing an arrow that touches the object will explode dealing wide area damage. The closer you get to the center of the explosion, the more damage you take. Can damage allies and cause arrows to bounce by the number of right clicks before firing.

Typical Skills – Recon Bolt:

  • Has a cooldown of 35 seconds. Firing an arrow, when it touches an object will emit 3 sound waves, exposing the location of all players in that radius to you and your teammates.
  • The way to use this technique is the same Shock Bolt: gong to shoot further, right mouse to bounce. The weak point is that the sound waves cannot detect an enemy if the person is behind a door, crate, or ability to block vision. Furthermore, the enemy can destroy the upper nose before and after impact. To get around this problem, you can sneak an arrow at the enemy. Then wherever that person goes, his location will be detected.

Ultimate Skill – Hunter’s Fury:

  • Shoots 3 bursts of energy through walls that damage and reveal enemy locations.

4. Cypher – Gumshoe or Aamir


  • Real name: Aamir.
  • Country: Morocco.
  • Gender: Male.
  • Role: Guardian


Skill 1 – Trapwire:

  • Claims 200 gold, up to 2 to hoard. Throw trackers on walls, help detect enemies when touched, and slow them down. If after 2 to 3 seconds the enemy does not clear mines, the effect of blurring of vision will be added. Can be off / on for installation elsewhere. Enemies that are far away will not see the laser trap.

Skill 2 – Cyber ​​Cage:

  • Install 1 mine and can be remotely activated. When the mine is turned on, it creates a white circle that blocks the line of sight, slows down any enemies that pass, and emits a loud signal.

Specific skills – Spycam:

  • Free, 1 hoard. This technique puts a camera on the wall. This camera is never lost unless destroyed by an enemy. When Cypher re-activates the ability, there will be a view of the camera to observe and send signals at the enemy. At that time, everyone on the team saw the person’s position. The enemy can destroy the camera.

Last move – Neural Theft:

  • Requires 7 charges, can only be used when enemy corpses are nearby. Use Ulti on the corpse and retrieve information about the enemy, showing the location of the enemy alive for a few seconds.

5. Brimstone – SUND


  • Real name: Aamir.
  • Country: United States.
  • Gender: Male.
  • Role: Commander

BRIMSTONE has an extremely interesting boom ult

Skill 1 – Stim Beacon:

  • There are 2 times to hoard, each time to buy with 100 gold. Place a device that emits light columns on the ground. Anyone standing inside gets an increased rate of fire and reload speed. If you step outside, the skill will persist for another 4 seconds.

Skill 2 – Incendiary:

  • You can only hoard once, and buy it for 200 gold. Load the gun with a fire bullet, then shoot. This bullet always bounces once before exploding. When it explodes, it creates an area of ​​fire, dealing massive damage to anyone standing there, including yourself.

Typical skills – Sky Smoke:

  • You can collect up to 3 times and get it for free once before entering the round. If you want to add more times, spend 100 gold to buy a hoard. When activated, Brimstone opens a map. You assign to an area, then a smoke bomb will fall on that place. You can throw 3 smoke bombs at the same time. This is the smoke bomb with the longest existence time in the game.

Ultimate Strike – Orbital Strike:

  • 6 points is required to perform this skill. Like a unique skill, you open the map and specify a location. After a few seconds, a destructive laser from the sky will shine down, dealing tremendous damage there. However, before being projected down, there will be an announcement about the laser for everyone to know. You and your teammates will also take damage if you stay in this laser zone.

6. Omen – Wraith


  • Real name: #.
  • Nation: #.
  • Gender: Male.
  • Role: Commander

Valorant's dark assassin

Skill 1 – Shrouded Step:

  • You have 2 charges, each of which costs 100 gold. Select a specific point, and after a short time you will teleport there. The sound of teleportation is quite loud, but the enemy can only hear it before teleporting. You can use this to deceive the other person.

Skill 2 – Paranoia:

  • Only one hoard, costs 200 gold to buy. Throws a stream of darkness in a straight line, and allies or enemies hit will lose sight. Duration is 3 seconds.

Characteristic skills – Dark Cover:

  • This skill has 2 charges and can be received for free per round. Hold the skill for a while then throw a black ball. When it reaches its maximum position, it magnifies a large black shadow. You can adjust the proximity of the black ball before throwing. This skill can go through walls, so you can coordinate with your teammates.

Ultimate Attack – From The Shadows:

  • It costs 7 charges to activate. Select any location on the map, transport briefly to that place, and darken the enemy map for a few seconds. However, when choosing a location, there will create your silhouette. If the enemy detects and shoots it, your ability will be canceled. Or at the time of your ability to be shot, the ability is also canceled. In addition, the place you go will make a pretty loud noise. If someone is going to stand nearby, they can wait for you to finish teleporting and then kill, before you can do anything.

7. Phoenix – Phoenix


  • Real name: #.
  • Country: UK.
  • Gender: Male.
  • Role: Capturing rival main force


Skill 1 – Hot Hands:

  • Throw a ball of fire and they’ll explode after hitting the ground or time delay. Around the area you will be healed, enemies will surely lose health.

Skill 2 – Blaze:

  • Creates a firewall that limits enemy visibility and damages anyone passing through it. You can bend the wall by gathering the skill while holding the left mouse click.

Skill 3 – Curveball:

  • Create a flare of flare momentarily that temporarily dazzles everyone, you can control its wavy shape with the click of a mouse.

Last move – Run it Back:

  • Mark your current position. If you die in the time after marking in the current location, you will be reborn at that location with the amount of health FULL, or running out of time without dying is also counted.

8. Jett – Wushu & Hawk & Woosh


  • Real name: #.
  • Country: South Korea.
  • Gender: Female.
  • Role: Capturing rival main force

Jett - 1 character from Korea

Skill 1 – Cloudburst:

  • You can store this skill 3 times, each store costs 3 gold to buy. This technique throws a windmine to block the view in one location. Throw it on the ground. Throw it on the ground. Throw it on the wall and stick it on the wall. You can freely control the direction of the wind blast.

Skill 2 – Updraft:

  • You can store 2 times, each purchase costs 200 gold. This move helps you jump higher, giving you a great advantage. This skill also has an intrinsic, which helps you to fall slowly down by holding the space button (spacebar). Also, enemies can hear the wind as you are flying down.

Characteristic skills – Tailwind:

  • It takes 6 points to turn on this skill. This move helps Jett glide in the direction of the movement. Swipe up and down and back and forth, even while in flight. While surfing, you cannot shoot and wait 1 second to use the gun. You can use this skill again if you kill 2 enemies.

Skill 3 – Blade Storm:

  • Throws extremely dangerous knives to deal damage and headshot. Killing 1 kills will instantly restore 1 knife, left-click to throw a knife, right-click to throw all remaining knives.

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