How to upgrade weapons in the game Crossfire Legends

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Switch weapons in Crossfire Legends This is a pretty cool and interesting feature of the currently rated best FPS game. Swapping guns in Raid Mobile allows gamers to swap their existing weapons for new, better and more powerful weapons. In addition to playing skills, weapons are also one of the important factors that help CF Legends players win each battle.

Crossfire Legends, also known by other names such as Raid Mobile, CF Mobile, CF Legends is one of the very “hot” mobile shooting games today.

Step 1: You access and game and log in CF Mobile account to enter and play as usual. In the main interface, select the item Warehouse to enter the weapons list.


Step 2: In these are the weapons that you can equip your character with. To change weapons, just left click on it.

Choose a gunChoose any weapon that needs to be upgraded

Step 3: Select Next Change in the bottom corner.


A similar weapon (gun type) will appear with details about the quality of the gun compared to the original weapon.

New guns

You can also do a weapon comparison to see which guns are stronger and which should be upgraded.

Compare gunsCompare the power of weapons

The full parameters of the two weapons will be displayed for a direct comparison.

Choose a gun

All weapons in the Warehouse can be upgraded.

Change weapons

However, each time you change weapons, you also need to lose a corresponding amount.


If possible, upgrade all weapons in your backpack, if not, consider carefully which gun to upgrade first and how to play Crossfire Legends the best.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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