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In part 1, introduced you to the 4-2-2-2 formation (a variation from the “diamond” formation 4-4-2), and the 4-3-3 (improved). progress from 4-2-4). Today, we will continue to learn about other tactical schemes that are also being used a lot in FIFA Online 3.

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Defensively with a large number of players, you are using a squad with a dense defense but still feel not really satisfied and achieved results. So let’s try the following diagram!

The most flexible tactical diagrams in FIFA Online 3

3-5-2 Tactical Diagram

With this tactic, Franz Beckenbauer and teammates rocked the world at the 1990 Worldcup. Tactical map bold mang Libero style (scanning defender) like the one who gave birth to it, it’s used with the five midfielders (usually two midfielders back to support the defense in the 5-3-2 variant).

The most flexible tactical scheme in FIFA Online 3

To make good use of this tactic, users need to have defenders who can cover each other well, the actual forward line is just virtual because they both attack and defend from a distance, so they just need to These are the players with the ability to challenge the ball and good passing ability. The most important are midfielders, so it is imperative that they are players with physical strength, dribbling and keeping the ball in the central area.

Advantages of the 3-5-2 . scheme

  • The midfield consists of five midfielders spread across three lines to help balance attack and defense. However the real highlight of this scheme is possible pressing ball to the maximum. From there, you can freely change the rhythm of the game, speed up quickly or slowly, and master the midfield area.
  • Flexibility to change into variations 3-2-2-3, 5-3-2, 3-1-4-2, or 4-2-3-1, 3-5-1-1 to match many opponents, many different tactics as well as reinforce the weaknesses of the home team and help the attack ability become more diverse.
  • The strongest point of 3-5-2 That’s the power of the midfield. With five midfielders covering the entire pitch, this formation is perfect for pressuring opponents and defending from midfield.
  • 3-5-2 allowing the team flexibility in choosing and offering diverse attacking options. From the center of the ball, to the long pass. Especially the short play to split the opponent because it will take full advantage of the crowded midfield
  • With the muscularity of two midfielders in the midfield, 3-5-2 can limit the opponent’s strikers from making quick strides, penetrating the defense and endangering the goal. From there, creating opportunities for the downline to make quick counter-attacks with the mobility of two wingers.
  • The midfield majority occupying the central area also helps prevent the opponent’s full-back from joining the attack.
  • Especially, “libero” has the ability to operate widely, support attack, participate in defense, distribute the ball and create mutations for the game.

The most flexible lineup in FIFA Online 3

Weaknesses of the 3-5-2 . formation

  • “Dead point” lies in the very thin defense of only three people. Therefore, the distance between these three players is very far apart. If attacked in the middle, 3-5-2 It will be easy to block, but with overlapping phases from the outside and flanking, the defense will be very difficult and unlikely to be able to stop. That’s not to mention “libero” Wide movement will also disturb the defensive area.
  • The defense of the area will pull the defenders down low, close to the 16m50 line, putting the goalkeeper under more pressure when the striker can be closer to the goal than other tactics.
  • With variation 3-5-1-1, andBecause the two wingers have to take care of both attacking and defending, sometimes the ability to attack will have problems.

The most flexible lineup in FIFA Online 3

Overcoming the disadvantage of 3-5-2

Require the coach to be agile, have a calculating mind and see, read the position of the match to be able to flexibly use variations, to counter the opponent as well as change the game situation, find an advantage for the home team. For example:

  • Use 5-3-2, Instead of using two wingers, they used two attacking defenders to take charge of the two-sided corridor but kick back a bit to help the team defend better and counterattack faster.
  • Variant 3-2-2-3 using a forward striker, and at the same time, two attacking midfielders drift to the two sides to double the role of wingers. This variant has extremely strong attack power.
  • Or 3-1-4-2, helps to make the defense more solid, as well as better control the midfield game when being pressed. With this scheme, the deepest midfielder, the team’s conductor is also the most important link. The task of this player is to distribute and recover the ball. This position does not require too much movement because the top is arranged with two scanners ready to assist at any time.

Diagram 3-5-2 in “real war”:

It can be said that in all tactical diagrams, then 3-5-2 is the most flexible and mobile scheme. Both ensure tight defense and can swap positions of players to create new variations to deal with opponents. However, 3-5-2 also known as a “double-edged sword”, should consider carefully and make sure you have completely mastered the manipulations with this diagram before entering the match.

Wish you have moments of fun entertainment!

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