How to increase more RAM for computers playing Minecraft

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Minecraft is a game that is so popular and probably doesn’t need to say much about it. Although not too great and impressive in terms of graphics or sound, the quality of the game is absolutely nothing special, but this is a game with a fairly large capacity and also requires a relatively configurable computer. to play.

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The fact that the game requires a computer with a powerful enough configuration to play also makes many people confused when their machine configuration is not too high, or just enough to meet, will make the game play with lag, jerky, and reduced experiences and attractions they could have achieved.

Reduce lag when playing Minecraft

There are many ways to reduce lag while playing Minecraft, and one of the simplest, easiest and most effective ways is to add more RAM to Minecraft. But not everyone is using and playing the same version of Minecraft the same, moreover, we can also choose different versions by ourselves. Should be before doing the job increase the RAM playing MinecraftYou need to check your version to know how to do it.

With versions 1.6 and 1.6 and above

But with different Mine versions there will be different implementation.

Step 1: You need to check how much RAM your computer has. By clicking on the icon My Computer on the desktop and then select next Properties.

My computer

Step 2: A new window appears, you find and observe in the item Installed memory (RAM)That is the place to display the amount of RAM that your computer has.

Check the amount of RAM the computer has

Step 3: Launch the game and proceed to log in Minecraft account as usual. At the next interface, select the left mouse button on the item Edit Profile (as shown below).

Edit Profile

Step 4: Window Profile Editor appears, tick the item below the bottom JVM Arguments, in item Java Settings (Advanced). After that will be the most important operation, because the value line in this section will be displayed for us to edit them. Did you notice the first piece of information? -Xmx1G This is the part showing how much RAM Minecraft is using on your computer (in this case it is 1G).

Tick ​​JVM Arguments to change the amount of RAM for the game

Step 5: To increase more RAM for the game, simply enter and change this parameter.

Add RAM as you like

For example:

Want to add 1GB more (to 2GB), just fix -Xmx1G Fort -Xmx2G,do tif you want to change more.


  • Only shared for Minecraft at most half of the RAM which your computer currently has.
  • Maybe your computer has more than 4GB of RAM, there are even computers that use up to 16GB, but if you have to Share RAM for Minecraft it shouldn’t be too much 4GBBecause there is more, these squares cannot be used up, wasting useless machine resources.

After the RAM increase is complete, click Save Profile to save this change.

Minecraft 6 play - Emergenceingame

Step 6: Return to Minecraft News interface, click Play to start playing game. Select the mode you want to join (The game modes in the game Minecraft) Wait a moment for the game screen to open, press the key F3 to display the machine resource parameters that this game is using.


For versions 1.5 and 1.5 and below

How to get more RAM for Minecraft in these versions is a little different from the newer version. But there are still fundamentally similarities.

Step 1: Access to My Computer, select the drive C: / User / (your computer’s name)


select next AppData / Roaming / .minecraft.


Step 2: In this folder, right-click any empty space and select New / Text Document.

Create a new Text Document file and rename it

Step 3: A new icon appears, name the file Minecraft New Launcher (illustration below).


Step 4: Open this new text file and enter data for it in the following form

Java -Xmx3072M -Xms3072M -jar “Minecraft.exe”

Import content


Paragraph -Xmx3072M like -Xmx1G, but we do not write 1G directly, but instead is the corresponding number (MB).

For example:

2G was 2048M, 3G = 3072, 4G = 4096 …

If you are Mine on OS XYou use the command:

#! / bin / bash
cd “$ (dirname” $ ​​0 “)”
java -Xms #### M -Xmx #### M -exe Minecraft_Server.exe -o true

Then save it with the extension .command.

As for the operating system LinuxThe command has the form:

#! / bin / sh
BINDIR = $ (dirname “$ (readlink -fn” $ 0 “)”)
cd “$ BINDIR”
java -Xms #### M -Xmx #### M -exe Minecraft_Server.exe -o true

and save with the tail .sh.

Step 5: Set the amount of RAM to add for Mine finished, click File / Save As … to save.


Step 6: Add the extension for this file is * .bat already Save again.

Add a tail

Now the folder looks like the following.

New file

Step 7: You also log in your Mine account to play as usual and then press the key F3 and check the item Allocated memory or Allocated to check again.


If your computer is not configured strongly enough, this is one of the how to play Minecraft game extremely effective and useful that you cannot ignore.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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