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Continuing the success of the puzzle game Who is? Part 1, developer Unico Studio has launched Who is 2?, with new puzzle series to test your IQ to whole new levels. Once again, will share with you the answer to the game Who is 2? the most complete for your reference when needed.

Are you ready to return to the world of conundrums with Who is 2? This is the 2nd Who is game, from the developer Unico Studio – the “father” of some other famous brain games like Brain Test and Brain Test 2. The previous article showed you how to play the game. Who is? Pass all levels and this time, will continue to provide you with the most complete Who is 2 game answer.

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List of answers in the game Who Is 2

1. Introduction Who is 2 game

Quiz game Who is? Back and better than before with the sequel, Who is 2? Bring with you a whole new chat simulation and clues system. In Who is 2 ?, to conquer each puzzle, you have to search for the answer, chat with the characters and decode the clues one by one. With complex dialogue options, you will uncover many shocking secrets. The puzzles in Who is 2 will not have the same concept as some will test your memory while others will challenge your understanding.

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As always, the tricky level of the puzzle increases as you progress into the game. The game encourages you to think and judge things creatively to solve each puzzle and pass every level. The game offers hints for you to use when you get stuck, but the hint is limited and there will be times when you get stuck at a certain level while not having any hints. Fortunately, synthesized the answer of Who is 2 game in this article for you to use in combination with in-game hints.

2. Answers game Who is 2

Who is 2? is a game that is both fun and challenging, with puzzles capable of immersing you in this world of puzzle games that contain many things to answer and explore. In case of difficulty, do not hesitate to consult the answer game Who is 2? is shared above and will update more latest answers in the near future.

Who Is 2 download link for Android and iOS:

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Also, if you are playing Who Is version 1, you can see the Who Is answer here to pass the levels more easily.

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