How to join the game rooms in Pursuit

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In Pursuit there are many different game modes and rooms. These rooms will be based on the creator’s level, the participant that is divided into many different levels. So there is not one Account Pursuit is that you can join every room in the game.

If you are a new player, you cannot join higher level game rooms, rooms full of people, you cannot join … So how do I enter the game room or recognize which rooms are occupied, which rooms are yet?

Join the Pursuit game room

Step 1: You join the game as usual, the first interface will be as below. Includes competition categories, extra features, character information, mailboxes and rooms, game modes … divided into two fairly conspicuous parts, namely:

  • The left part: Character information such as: Name of the character, level, rank, character’s inventory (the weapons are selected to use) …
  • Right side: Competition modes and channels are available. But as mentioned, not everyone can participate in these game channels, specifically:
    • Rookie: For new players.
    • Intermediate: For players reaching level 10 and above.
    • High grade: For people with level 25 and above.
    • War Clan: For people with level 20 and above.

In addition, with rooms Free and Inter-cluster, players can join comfortably without level limit. In particular, the channel WHO (red) there will be valuable gifts for players to join and get the first victory. Another note when you want to join the channels available in Chasing, that is the number of people in each channel. If:

  • GoodGreen Blue: Can be in.
  • OverloadYellow: Cannot get in due to too many people.

Main interface

Step 2: Players can choose Quick pairing or Enter the channel to join automatically or manually.

  • Quick pairing: The system will automatically check your level and put you in the appropriate game mode.
  • Enter the channel: Players left click to select a channel of their choice and then click Enter the channel to participate.

For example:

If you choose Quick pairing, the interface will be as below. At this point, the player can also continue to use the feature again Start grafting so that the system will automatically quickly pair itself into any mode. Or choose the modes yourself according to the list shown above.

Quick pairing
Use the Quick In and Start Join features to enter channels automatically

If you select Manual channel entry, the rooms will appear with the room name, the game mode of the room as well as the difficulty, number of participants and room status. Based on these views, players will choose a suitable room.

Because for new players, they will not be able to join the existing rooms Difficulty is Nightmare, Difficult.


If the number of participants is full (6/6) you cannot join the game, but you can still enter the room but in watch mode (eye shape).

  • Also, players cannot join rooms with status Wait, Playing, Coming to an end.
  • Use Quick entry to enter the room automatically.
  • Select the room to join and press Come into play to enter the room manually (choose a room, just like a channel).
  • Also possible Find room which friends are playing either Create room new if desired.
  • Channel list in the upper right corner will take you back to the first interface when selecting a channel.

List of self-sized fighting rooms

Quick access to the room is similar Quickly join channels, players can choose the rooms with different game modes and then left click to join automatically.

Quick entry

Step 3: In the game room details you have selected, if any Room masterYou have the right Kick (chase) the player in the room or Recruit (invite friends to join us to play). If it’s a normal player, press Come into play to get ready for battle.

  • Can choose to enter Back to the Great Hall (upper right corner, under Supermarket) to return to the list of rooms.
  • On the right hand side (with small image shown) is the name of the game mode, the difficulty as well as the rules of the game.

Come into play
Show details of the participating game room

Step 4: First, when entering the game, you will be asked to play the game in full screen mode by left clicking any point.

Click to play

Then is a list of some basic key actions such as moving, shooting, changing bullets, changing backpack …

Action buttons

Chasing has two main modes of competition Free-to-play and Rank match. Free fight will not decentralize rankings, players participate together at all levels, while Rank Battle, will only select and arrange players of the same level into one. Teams to play against another Team.

Rank match

If you don’t want to get confused and choose a room of your choice, you can use the feature Find room. Just choose the game mode, the toy you want, the system will automatically filter out for you the results corresponding to that search (like the advanced search mode).

Find room

For example like this.

Room category

If you want to play with your friends, or just don’t like to hang out, you can too Create room to “solo” yourself.

Create room

If you are a novice, remember, games always give you a newcomer code (aka Giftcode), contains a lot of valuable and useful gifts while playing the game, pursue Likewise, the newcomers gift from Pursuit will be the ultimate guns, helping you not only level up faster but also be more confident when you first play the game.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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