PUBG players booed for the region lock feature to be removed

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As one of the hottest games today, since it was released PUBG always have to deal with the phenomenon of game hacking. It can be said that this is a problem that seriously reduces the experience of the game. Some players have petitioned to lock the region to alleviate this phenomenon and have received the approval of PUBG Corp, which officially added the region lock feature this year.

Accordingly, players living in any region can play with players in that region. But ‘life is not like a dream’, this function is not as effective as imagined, on the contrary, there are now many players who are dissatisfied with this feature.​


After PUBG applied the region lock feature, unless you party a friend in another region, the player can only play in his own region. It sounds very reasonable, but the reality is completely different from the theory, this feature not only does not solve the problem of today’s rampant game hacking, but also creates many other problems.

Players believe that using the region lock feature to isolate hackers from the community, on the contrary, promotes the hacking/cheat behavior of these players, making this cheating even more cheeky. seriously sabotage the healthy atmosphere and player experience.​


Now the same people who originally raised the idea of ​​locking the region, isolating areas with a lot of hackers like China, are asking the developer to remove this feature. In the comments section of PUBG on Steam, there are many comments with the content that this feature has no effect at all, the phenomenon of game hacking has not decreased.

It seems that the ‘death’ of more than 13 million hacking accounts and posting a list of stubborn hackers on the net store chain ( to warn is still not enough to make These hackers step back, even some players say bluntly that hacking games is passion, every game hacks whether it’s online or offline.


This area-locking feature is a measure that only cures the top, not the root, even making the situation worse. Currently, PUBG Corporation has not taken any action to respond to the requests of gamers, will the company remove this feature at the discretion of the players? Emergenceingame.Com will continue to update related information for readers as soon as possible.​

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