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Lately puzzle games Braindom of the publisher Matchingham is being downloaded and installed on the phone by quite a few people. The game has puzzles that make you twist your brain many times, if you are stuck, the following list of Braindom puzzle answers will help you a lot.

Currently on the market there are many puzzle games similar to Brain Out, Brain Test … Braindom is the newest name on Google Play and App Store. The game has many questions and solutions from many puzzle titles. Please refer to the most complete Braindom puzzle answer here if you encounter the potato question.

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Dap An Cau due to braindom day travel

Braindom Game Answers

Complete synthesis of braindom gamne puzzle answers

– Level 1: Which belt is the highest => Which belt is on the top is the highest.
– Level 2: Save the wilted flower => Move the wilted flower pot to a sunny place.
– Level 3: Puzzle => There are only 4 pieces, try them all.
– Level 4: Who is lying => Answer A.

do braindom day trip 2

– Level 5: Vote 5 stars is okay.
– Level 6: Find her shadow => 4th picture (far right).
– Level 7: Find the rooster => Click on the rooster in the lower right corner.
– Level 8: Find the hidden objects => Find hidden objects as shown below.

Dap An Cau Do Braindom Day Du Nhat 3

– Level 9: He lost his phone right in his room, help him find it right away => Flip the pillow over and you will see the phone.
– Level 10: Which cup has more water => Take out all the objects in the water cup and click the cup with the most water.
– Level 11: Match emoji pairs with the word iPhone => Pair eyes with the phone
– Level 12: Vampire hunting => Turn off the light switch on the right.
– Level 13: Who is lying => Click on the purple shirt girl to reveal the identity, then choose B.
– Level 14: Which logo is fake => Twitter’s logo.
– Level 15: Help me wake up the cat to take it for a walk => Touch the cat with two fingers and swipe back and forth to wake it up.
– Level 16: Let’s turn the wheel => Turn one round of the wheel.
– Level 17: Which of these items is unnecessary => Toothpaste tube
– Level 18: Touch the animals in the order Camel => Duck => Flamingo => Zebra => American Jaguar => Iguana.
– Level 19: Find the hidden object => Find the hidden object as shown below.

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Dap An Cau by Braindom Day 4

– Level 20: Help the boy jump over the cliff => Take out the rock on the other side, then give the baby milk to drink and press Jump.
– Level 21: How many annoying face icons => 5 in all
– Level 22: How many balls below => There are 4 balls, the rest are 2 bubbles
– Level 23: Prepare strawberry milk => Throw 3 strawberries into the blender and press the grind button.
– Level 24: Which way is safe => Touch the brown cave outside 4 pictures.
– Level 25: Catch the thief => Move the car on the left and drag the 2 thieves to the front of the police in the lower left corner. Do the same for the two thieves in the car on the right.
– Level 26: Which door will you choose => Choose the number 1 door of Antarctica
– Level 27: Find hidden objects => Select hidden objects as shown below.
– Level 28: Find all the green balls and count them => Mixing the blue balls with the yellow will produce the remaining green balls. There are a total of 4 fruits.
– Level 29: Find a shark => Select a shark on the top right
– Level 30: Coax it from crying => Tap a few times on the window to open it, then remove the cage from the bird.
– Level 31: Which logo is standard => Apple’s logo, you must know it, right?
– Level 32: How many tails are on the screen => There are 6 in all
– Level 33: Put the wallet in the pocket => Zoom out the wallet so it is smaller than the bag and it will automatically get in.
– Level 34: Find twins => Two butterflies with blue and red wings.
– Level 35: This is my trial. Help me buy movie tickets. => Smash piggy bank to get money
– Level 36: Find the whale => On the blonde hair of the girl posing for that photo.
– Level 37: Delivery to the driver who fell asleep => Touch the glass door a few times, the glass door opens, please swipe the plate of food for the driver.
– Level 38: Only one water bottle is full, in addition, all are empty. Look for a full water bottle => Put all 3 water bottles in the refrigerator and you will immediately see which is the full bottle.
– Level 39: Who is lying => Touch the mother with answer A
– Level 40: I want to get half of the cherries back => Draw a circle on the missing side.
– Level 41: Find the hidden objects => Red hair + Elbow + Tree Top right corner.
– Level 42: Match the emoticons with the word Sunglasses => Touch the sun then select the glass.
– Level 43: You can thin the trash can => Click Start > put the trash can in the machine then click Start
– Level 44: Who is a vampire => Put the garlic on the table on the husband, then touch him.
– Level 45: Tear two pieces of toilet paper => Pull down the paper and tear them off
– Level 46: Save the cat from the dog => Enlarge the cat
– Level 47: Relax and connect => Click on the 2nd picture from the left.
– Level 48: How many gray pieces => Put the black piece in the middle of the junction of two squares and choose 6 pieces.
– Level 49: Jigsaw => Not too difficult, – This level you can solve by yourself.
– Level 50: Help the farmer harvest strawberries! => Shake the phone to let the strawberry fall.

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Currently this puzzle game is still in development, so the puzzle will be constantly updated in the next versions. At that time, Taimienphi will also add answers to the Braindom puzzle game for readers. Pay attention to follow.

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