The male student is so crazy about PUGB that he wears a full suit to go to military school

Recently, at Beijing University of Technology (China) has just entered the military training period for new students. Suddenly in the ranks of the school’s male students appeared a person wearing the exact same outfit as the character in the extremely hot game PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds). Instead of wearing normal military clothes, cloth hats, canvas shoes like you. This guy upgraded his boring training suit with helmets, armor, gloves, boots and more that covered his face. It can be seen that this student’s super “muddy” play has attracted everyone’s eyes. When these photos were spread on the internet, it immediately made many people, especially fans PUBG feel extremely funny and certify that this guy has become a super fan of the hot game.” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>
The guy wears full equipment and armor like in PUBG

Since its launch in early 2017, PUBG has quickly been well received by gamers around the world. Lover’s house PUBG and images of characters and battle costumes in PUBG constantly being cosplayed by fans in many different styles. Especially gamers in the country of billions of people are no exception. Even because the game is so popular, so Tencent – China’s largest game publisher has quickly released the PUBG Mobile to “eat along” this extremely hot game. Phrase “Great sand, eat chicken tonight” (According to the original sentence: “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner”) has also become a familiar catchphrase for gamers in this country. So the fact that players wear costumes in style PUBG or holding a pan to run to the street or around in school is no longer strange. However, it is possible to have the courage to close the whole set PUBG tFrom head to toe on a military training day without fear of ridicule by friends, it’s still a rare thing for the superintendent to notice like this freshman guy.

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