The key to helping Hunterace win the world: Unusual deck building skills

Hunterace Hearthstone
Hunterace Hearthstone

On April 28, the Hearthstone World Championship ended with a narrow victory by Casper “Hunterace” Notto. He defeated Torben “Viper” Wahl 3-2.

Obviously Hunterace’s skills help him stand out in tournaments, but he finds success in his incredibly unique deck building abilities. Hunterace adds tech cards to each of his decks and brings to the game decks that fans usually avoid.

To better understand how Hunterace achieved the biggest feat of his Hearthstone career, let’s take a look at each of his decks.

Hunterace deck - Emergenceingame

Control Warrior

Hunterace’s Control Warrior is built to outmaneuver opponents and defeat them in the late game. However, this is not the usual deck you see in ladders.

Baleful Banker(89438).pngArchivist Elysiana(90621).png

The presence of Baleful Banker, a 2/2 card with the ability to shuffle a copy you’ve played into the deck, is an indication that this deck is meant to disrupt other control decks. This card can also be combined with Archivist Elysiana to add 20 more cards to the deck, meaning fatigue is not likely to be an issue. The power of Archivist Elysiana is enough to make many players ban decks with the presence of this Legendary Minion. But if ignored, this deck can crush the opponent.

Conjurer’s Mage

Imagine a deck that could create four powerful 8/4 Minions in one turn. If that wasn’t scary enough, imagine it happening again. Here’s what Hunterace’s potential Mage deck can do.

Conjurer's Calling(90625).pngRabble Bouncer(90203).png

Just creating two 7-mana minions from one minion is not enough to become a nightmare for many decks. Combine Conjurer’s Calling with cards like Rabble Bouncer and Zilliax for anti-aggro, creating an almost unbeatable deck.

Tempo Rogue

With the arrival of the new minion type Lackey, we have many new aggro decks. These are 1-mana minions created with other cards and they have a small effect, but are enough to change the game.

Vendetta(90581).pngBlink Fox(89423).png

Class Rogue is enjoying these new cards to quickly burn down enemy health. Cards like Vendetta and Blink Fox also add formidable power to this deck. Combining the deck with cards from the opponent’s class can finish the opponent by surprise.

Control Shaman

This is the most controversial class in the Hunterace lineup because many players believe that Shaman is not a reliable class in the tournament. However, Hunterace wasn’t one of those players who thought so.

He created his own Shaman control deck, which includes cards that are not considered reliable, such as Ancestral Healing and Omega Defender. These things ensure Hunterace stays strong late game, generating enough value from established minions and Hagatha’s Hero Power. Most of the decks at the tournament lacked the tools to compete for value against Hagatha, and slowly collapsed before Hunterace.

Hunterace shocked the world with his amazing deck building skills combined with his competitive ability. Those things helped him step up to the top of the HCT World Championship. Many fans are eager to see what he will bring to the next big event. Hunterace’s first game at Hearthstone Grandmasters on May 18 will be against his teammate, Jaromír “Jarla” Vyskočil.

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