The latest GTA San Andreas license key list

In addition to GTA 3 and Vice City, GTA San Andreas will be the last game available in the Old School GTA Era. The following article will summarize and share with you the latest list of GTA San Andreas license keys to activate the game license and experience on your device.

The list of the latest GTA San Andreas license keys below to use for GTA San Andreas crack versions requires players to log in with a license key. These are all license keys created by GTA San Andreas License Key Generator and are currently available and free to use on PC.

the list of keys you can use in san andreas every day

Summary of GTA San Andreas license key code

1. The latest GTA San Andreas license key list

Here is the latest list of GTA San Andreas license keys:


2. GTA San Andreas download link

GTA San Andreas is one of the hottest games currently attracting the attention of many gamers because of its attractive gameplay, vivid sound, interesting storyline and eye-catching, realistic graphics.

=> Download link GTA San Andreas here.

code to activate gta san andreas


In GTA San Andreas, players will be playing the role of a main character named Carl Johnson who is on his way back to his hometown to attend his mother’s funeral, reunite with friends and old acquaintances. From here, CJ gets caught up in the criminal path once again.

The main goal of this character is to protect the remaining members of his family and help the gangster group return to dominate the entire Grove Street neighborhood. In addition, you will face a lot of difficulties and challenges in GTA San Andreas and most of the challenges are related to the main plot of the game.

the key is the gta san andreas

Style play

Possessing a large open world, players can freely move around the city in GTA San Andreas game, can walk, run, sprint to swim, jump and row or even use weapons or hand-to-hand combat.

The game offers players a total of 212 different vehicles including cars, buses, pickup trucks, boats, fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, trains, tanks, motorbikes and bicycle.

In addition to stealing cars, players can also buy cars. Most of the vehicles and cars in GTA San Andreas can be customized in style and upgraded to maximize the character’s mobility.

ghost key you are gta san andreas

Besides, players can also customize their characters such as changing costumes, accessories, hairstyles, jewelry and tattoos. In particular, CJ may become fat when eating too much junk food, so players need to make sure that their character will exercise regularly to maintain a good health.

Finally in GTA San Andreas, players can learn to drive, shoot, exercise, and swim and dive underwater. Accordingly, the more players use any skill, the skill will become an advantage for them when fighting other enemies.

3. How to Download and Play GTA San Andreas

To download and play GTA San Andreas, the classic version of the “hit” GTA game series, readers can refer here to learn more.

See also: How to download and play GTA San Andreas
Above, has provided you with the latest GTA San Andreas license key list and how to download GTA San Andreas. In addition, you can refer to some other related articles on to learn how to edit the mouse center in GTA San Andreas!

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Playing with the Piano key, Dragon Ball FighterZ gamers defeated a series of opponents

From using guitars to control cars to playing banana shooters, we gamers are witnessing more than the appearance of monstrous “handles”. However, some of them only aim at naughty goals for fun, but to win a good result in the game is really very difficult.

However, the gamer has the nickname “CAN EC Greg” – who is still competing in the Dreamhack Austin tournament, just proved the opposite. True to the name”Piano Man‘ that the community put it, this gamer is using the Piano keyboard to beat a series of his opponents in the tournament.


With no instructions or description attached, Greg’s piano keys seem to be playing a tune if one is not looking up at the TV screen, where the heat of the battle is taking place. world 7 Dragon Balls. No wonder Greg and his keyboard are playing at Dreamhack with the Top 8 in the subject Dragon Ball FighterZ.

The image of Greg with a set of Piano keys also creates extremely funny moments during the tournament. Many times before the match was about to take place, Greg’s opponent had to “stand still” for a few seconds when he saw what was placed in this player’s hand. Accidentally or intentionally, this is also an effective psychological blow against opponents on this gentle-looking guy’s quest for glory.

“Are you guys teasing me?”

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U70 is still hitting the key to “roll” League of Legends, the old gamer makes many men say hello

With the explosion of information technology and the growing attraction of games, the gaming community is also expanding more and more than ever, from female gamers appearing more and more to boys just a few years old. , or even U60, 70 gamers are also increasing.

Recently, a clip of an uncle around 70 years old still calmly hitting the keyboard playing League of Legends not only made fans of this game but also the gaming community in general have to “take his hat off”.

The clip was probably accidentally recorded at a net shop. Although his age is advanced and his skills may not be too excellent, it is clear that his uncle’s extremely attentive and serious gaming attitude is enough to know his passion. old gamer This is not inferior to any handsome young man.​

The image is cut from the clip

Indeed, any of us in real life, if we encounter such scenes, will surely be surprised and delighted. Because the net shop is often considered a hangout place for the majority of young people, students, and students. We are so used to the fact that parents go to the internet shop to find their children, force them to go home and not play games. So it’s extremely rare for an old man to sit on the net “playing” League of Legends like this. Many gamers after watching the clip left funny comments: “It is true that the older you get, the more spiritual you become”, “Young people go to work, now that the children and their families are at peace, they have to let it go”…

At this point, perhaps many people will have to change their thoughts or negative stereotypes about the game for a long time. The game is not just a pastime of those who are said to be “young and old”, useless and jobless as many people still think. Above all, games are a form of entertainment for everyone. Where children, schoolboys and girls come after stressful school hours, people go to work to relieve stress, and even where the elderly “remain old”. A lot of evidence in fact shows that age is not a problem that prevents them from reaching their passion and it is thanks to the game that they find their joy. It is also one of the secrets to living longer, of course, still need a mode of living and playing in moderation. And you, as a true gamer, how old do you think you will be playing games until?

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Decoding the key positions that are causing fever in Mobi Basketball VNG

Basketball Mobi is a brand new game about street sports that NPH VNG has just released not long ago. At the beginning of the game, sports enthusiasts will be instructed and introduced to basic skills. After going through this basic training, the unique ingame features and dramatic but equally fun gameplay will immediately make the Dunkers mesmerized and unable to take their eyes off the game.


Street basketball usually defined as basketball 3 people and only play 1 basket. It doesn’t sound too new, but that’s just the appearance. Playing street basketball is seen as a place where art converges with the passion of the players and is completely free from the constraints of traditional 5vs5 basketball. Come to Mobi Basketball VNGthe Dunkers can confidently express themselves and choose a position that suits their interests and play freely.

The defender dribbles the ball (Point Guard – PG):

In a match, the defender who takes the ball must be a person who has the ability to steal and hold the ball well. They are extremely good ball handlers and have the most dribbling responsibility on the team. Almost the one who decides the team’s attack and builds the playstyle so the advantage of a PG is Passing, Stealing and Running. Some typical characters for this position are Kidd, Alan, Reid and Haruko.


Defender scores (Shooting Guard – SG):

This position is often known as the No. 2 position. If the defenders leading the ball (PG) have to maximize the ability to score from the remaining positions on the field, then SG has the right to hold the ball and freely play. Score points with your shooting ability. The task of the SGs on the field is to shoot from a distance, especially from a distance of 3 points. In addition, scoring defenders also need to be able to dribble, hold the ball and pass the ball well to be ready to cause mutations each time. Typical defenders in Mobi Basketball are Linh Lung, Drake, Tsuitachi and Lin.

Linh Lung is beautiful with the ability to throw 3 points very well

Striker (Small Forward – SF):

This position is also known as the number 3 position. Along with the scoring defender (SG), the main task of the secondary striker is to score. Secondary strikers are usually shorter in stature main striker and striker, but is extremely versatile and free to play on the court. They can be everywhere and surprise each other. The functions of the Sub-Striker are also extremely “immeasurable”, being able to play as an SG in one situation and a PF in another. The position of Secondary Striker usually has very nice and even stats, but Basket Throw and Basket Throw are superior. Grant, Zack, Rebecca and Phong Than are typical characters in this position.​

Phong Than has very comprehensive stats, especially the ability to Throw and Speed

Main striker (Power Forward – PF):

These are usually the people who possess the ideal height, strength only after Trung Phong. The main task of the striker is to score points when the ball bounces off the board, assisting the striker the most in rebounds, both in attack and defense. PF acts as a bridge for defenders and strikers because of their versatility and is a solid interceptor to block the opponent’s attack lines. Prominent main strikers in Mobi Basketball include Hanamachi, Kemp and Yuriko.

Hanamachi has the ability to jump and jump extremely dangerously

Trung Phong (Center):

This is the position for the tallest player on the team, the range of action is just below the trapezoidal center basket and inside the 3-point area. The main task of a striker is to catch the ball on the board (Rebound), prevent the opponent from scoring (block) and score points in the opponent’s basket area. A good striker doesn’t often dribble, but they are in a very good position to receive the ball or make a wall for teammates to score. Donkey KongSamLung, Leslie and Howard are typical figures for the center position.

Donkey Kong with outstanding bodybuilding and top ball contention

So with extremely attractive and diverse gameplay with many competitive modes such as 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 and 3 vs 3. Although Mobi VNG Basketball has just appeared, the community develops very quickly and is extremely crowded. fun. Not only passionate boys and beautiful girls can’t refuse. Dunkers, quickly join this one-of-a-kind street basketball community to make more friends with similar interests!

Learn more about Mobi Basketball:

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The most detailed way to install the Free Fire play key on NoxPlayer

Installing the Free Fire key on NoxPlayer is the best way for you to experience the BR shooter game perfectly, from moving the character, picking up items, changing guns, changing bullets all with the computer keyboard.

Garena Free Freee is a tactical shooter with beautiful graphics and massive features, so the experience configuration requirements are not light, many gamers choose to play Free Fire on the NoxPlayer android emulator for a smooth experience. which, along with that, the user also sets Shortcut to play Free Fire on NoxPlayer after that.

how to install free fire movies on noxplayer

Tips for setting up Free Fire gaming keyboard shortcuts on NoxPlayer Android emulator

Instructions for installing Free Fire keys on NoxPlayer

1. Quick Guide
Log in to Free Fire on NoxPlayer, go to Keyboard Control on the taskbar, set up game shortcuts.

2. Detailed instructions
Step 1: Open Free Fire on NoxPlayer, log in to your account and select Click To Start.

Reference: How to play Garena Free Fire on NoxPlayer

how to install ff game on noxplayer

Step 2: At the main interface, select Begin match.
– The system will automatically match and find the match.

how to install free fire movie on noxplayer laptop

Step 3: Click the icon Keyboard Control on the right taskbar.

how to install free fire movies on android noxplayer

– Display Keyboard Control along with the corresponding keyboard shortcuts suggested by the system will appear on the NoxPlayer screen. Here you can:
+ Tap anywhere on the screen and then set the shortcut.
+ Click the X on the shortcut to delete
+ Zoom in and out shortcuts
+ Select icons from the Tools side to bring them into the emulator interface

how to set up free fire movies on noxplayer

– After installing the Free Fire key on NoxPlayer, you can adjust the Keyboard Opacity => press Save Setting.

how to download free fire movies on noxplayer

– Results after installing the Free Fire play key on NoxPlayer

how to set up free fire movies on android noxplayer
So you and Taimienphi have just learned together how to install the Free Fire key on NoxPlayer, now the game officially launches version OB36 On BOOYAH, Top 5 strongest Free Fire OB36 guns can help you quickly take down your opponent to win the last one, the only one left standing.

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Super horror product for inviting you to play without buying a key

2019 saw countless super products launch, but many names from the horror field were absent. There are only 2 representatives that really caught our attention Resident Evil 2 Remake and Man of Medan – The game has a style of gameplay and images that are no different from Hollywood movies. However, with a key price of up to several hundred thousand, Man of Medan is out of reach of a large number of young people who do not have economic ability.


But now the story is different when the Man of Medan has just announced an unbelievable news for fans of the series horror game. Accordingly, gamers who already own Man of Medan can invite friends to play without asking them to pay any fees, turning this into a great opportunity for the gaming community.

Accordingly, when starting Man of Medan, the owner of the game copyright will be given a code called “Friend’s Pass” to send to friends. Anyone who receives this code can use it to install the game through the system Steam on PC for a completely free price. With Man of Medan fully supporting Co-op mode, gamers and friends can overcome the most terrifying challenges in the game with great ease.


Even if gamers and their friends have never owned the Man of Medan copyright, they can completely buy and split the money, reducing the cost a lot, especially when the game is “on sale” to only 210,000. on the Steam system. It is calculated that each person only has to pay more than 100 thousand to enjoy the horror masterpiece 2019. Note that the invitation code will only be valid from now until the end of January 6, 2020, so hurry up and use it. code.

To buy the game copyright, readers can access the FOLLOW LINK.

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Shop key game must compensate nearly 1 billion for developers


Some developers say they are carefully considering partnering with resellers key game G2A. In response to the above move, G2A has launched an initiative: the company will pay developers ten times the lost amount for chargebacks related to illegal keys sold on the store.

After that, Wube Software, Factorio’s studio announced that they would accept G2A’s offer. Ten months later, the result was: G2A paid Wube Software $39,600 indemnify for selling 198 illegal game keys on his store.

G2A said Wube is the only company participating in the “limited time” offer. The studio gave G2A a list of 321 keys that were sold illegally, 198 of which were on G2A (the rest were sold on other platforms).


Although G2A initially said it would hire “a reputable and independent auditing firm,” the investigation of Wube’s complaints was carried out by G2A itself. The G2A said that major auditing firms prohibit the publication of audit results: “If we cannot publish the results, the audit will have no effect on us.”

The developer’s aversion to G2A resurfaced last year when No More Robots’ Mike Rose made headlines with the way key game distributors ran ads. Rose writes: “G2A has removed sponsored ads on Google, which means that when you search for our games, you’ll see G2A appear on our and our links. doesn’t make a dime from my games if people buy through this kind of advertising.”

G2A said these findings “confirm what we are certain about that out of more than 10 million transactions annually, we only have 198 illegal keys sold on our site.” But that’s 198 keys out of 321 that Wube considers illegal – 61%, if just taking key sales of a game to impose on every other transaction on the store, this is clearly monstrous.


However, following the Wube Software incident, it appears that G2A will stop offering the offer to pay ten times the cost of chargebacks. “We have made our main point about the seriousness of game key distribution fraud, from now on, we will compensate developers for the full value of the fees. reimbursement regarding illegal game keys sold on G2A Marketplace, if they can prove that the keys are illegal.”

Would the developers be interested in providing that proof? When G2A suggested creating a “key blocker” last year and called for 100 developers to join the project. However, only 19 developers put pen to write their names on the list above.​

Source link: Shop key game must compensate nearly 1 billion for developers

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Instructions to play Among Us on PC without spending 70K key

Among Us is the hottest game on Mobile at the moment when attracting millions of gamers around the world. But unlike the completely free Mobile version, the PC version costs up to 70,000 VND, although it does not bring much value to gamers.

However, playing on PC is still much more convenient, such as easier to chat with Discord in parallel, good vision, and smoother movements. But for most players, paying 70K for a simple game like this is still… not worth it. So Emergenceingame.Com will guide you how to play Among Us on PC without having to lose 1 coin and 1 dime.


Specifically, readers can download Among Us via the Android emulator Bluestack and then directly click on the link below to download the game. And with playing through the emulator, gamers can take advantage of all the advantages of the PC version without having to spend money to buy a license key:

GameHub download - Emergenceingame

In addition, readers can also see instructions on how to become a “master” and even an “actor” in Among Us right here:

Source link: Instructions to play Among Us on PC without spending 70K key

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This is the reason you only have a mechanical key, not a “mechanical mouse”.

Having lived for decades in my life, I have never heard of “mouse (computer)” ever!

“mechanical keyboard” is the way we call keyboards that use mechanical switches for each key. These switches have springs for elasticity and copper foils inside for signal generation. Mechanical keys are clearly distinguished from rubber keys. The elastic force of the rubber key is in charge of the rubber knobs, and the two layers of the circuit below help receive the signal. This is the biggest difference between durable, high-quality and expensive mechanical keyboards compared to cheap rubber keys but boring and unreliable typing.

This is the reason you only have a mechanical key, not a

For mice, it is not so complicated, expensive or popular mice are only one type. Below the mouse button is the switch. The mouse switch has the same parts as the mechanical key switch such as stem, housing and copper foil, the signal receiving mechanism is similar. In terms of the signal receiving mechanism, every mouse is a “muscle” mouse. Because there is no “rubber mouse”, people do not call “muscle mouse” to distinguish what to do for fatigue.

This is the reason you only have a mechanical key, not a

Currently, high-end gear companies like Razer and popular like Fuhlen have also developed and launched many mouse lines using ultra-durable optical switches. However, because the experience is no different from a regular mouse switch, there is no need to differentiate.

This is the reason you only have a mechanical key, not a

Reading this far, many of you will wonder: “So the ball mice are not mechanical?”. Yes, that’s right, but people have long had the word “ball mouse” to call them, distinguishing them from optical mice that use optical reading eyes. As for what I said just now, I’m talking about what’s under the mouse’s key.

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Fix the PUBG config file can be locked account, Update the jump key combination

Recently, the developer of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – Bluehole, has updated the list of prohibited behaviors in the game, when detected violations can lead to account lockout.

Now, if you are caught editing the game’s config file, your account will be banned. The player community has noticed this new rule after a lot of debate broke out around whether it is legal to edit the config file to remove the fog. Foggy weather is one of the new features added in PUBG’s September update.

Before updating this new rule, regarding editing the config file, Bluehole said that “We do not encourage players to edit the game’s default .ini file or tweak launch options. If the player still decides to do so, we do not guarantee that the game will work properly and we do not provide assistance with issues related to those files.”

And now, with the question “Is it okay to edit the game’s config file?” Bluehole replied, “No, editing any files to gain an advantage in the game is against the Game Rules. This includes editing any config files to change options that normally cannot be changed through the in-game Settings menu.”

The player community has had mixed opinions on Reddit, because this new rule seems to cover everything from minor tweaks to big changes like removing fog or turning off effects. Drop the ball to gain an advantage in the game. In the past, Bluehole had rather lax rules about editing .ini files, but it seems that now they have started to regulate it more closely.

Sửa file config PUBG có thể bị khóa tài khoản Update tổ hợp phím nhảy ngồi - Emergenceingame

Andro Dars, community manager of PUBG, has confirmed that this change is made to make the rules clearer and more specific, not to cause more problems. Dars points out: “Until now, the only group of people banned for changing game files are those who edit files to remove textures (textures on the surface of objects) from the game.”

Unfortunately, Dars does not say anything more about how to handle other config file editing purposes such as locking FPS (frame rate), adjusting game graphics options that normally cannot be adjusted. via in-game menus, etc. This means that currently all the players who edit .ini files are grouped together, only the most “intrepid” dare to risk editing the file without fear of being banned.

Sửa file config PUBG có thể bị khóa tài khoản Update tổ hợp phím nhảy ngồi 1 - Emergenceingame

PUBG’s 26th weekly update has been announced, and it contains some notable information.

Notable are probably the upcoming changes, which will appear on the test server on September 19. That is to remove the ability to edit the game’s files to set keystrokes for multiple settings. action on the same key. This change will remove the keystrokes that gamers set to use for jumping action.

It looks like players will still be able to sit-jump but they have to use 2 separate keys instead of editing game files to make this action available with a single key press.

Accompanying it is a long-requested feature that is now players can mark their character’s current location on the map with keyboard shortcuts. It will default to the Insert (Ins) key.

This will be a permanent feature as players can mark the location of a weapon or item that their teammates need. With this one does not need to open the map to zoom in and mark the exact half, but instead just press a key and everything is solved.

This update also includes fixing some bugs in the game such as a graphics bug that causes you to see a black box when aiming due to your anti-aliasing setting to low or very low.

This update will be on the official server this week if everything is stable.

Source: Dotesport

Source link: Fix the PUBG config file can be locked account, Update the jump key combination


The key to helping Hunterace win the world: Unusual deck building skills

Hunterace Hearthstone

On April 28, the Hearthstone World Championship ended with a narrow victory by Casper “Hunterace” Notto. He defeated Torben “Viper” Wahl 3-2.

Obviously Hunterace’s skills help him stand out in tournaments, but he finds success in his incredibly unique deck building abilities. Hunterace adds tech cards to each of his decks and brings to the game decks that fans usually avoid.

To better understand how Hunterace achieved the biggest feat of his Hearthstone career, let’s take a look at each of his decks.

Hunterace deck - Emergenceingame

Control Warrior

Hunterace’s Control Warrior is built to outmaneuver opponents and defeat them in the late game. However, this is not the usual deck you see in ladders.

Baleful Banker(89438).pngArchivist Elysiana(90621).png

The presence of Baleful Banker, a 2/2 card with the ability to shuffle a copy you’ve played into the deck, is an indication that this deck is meant to disrupt other control decks. This card can also be combined with Archivist Elysiana to add 20 more cards to the deck, meaning fatigue is not likely to be an issue. The power of Archivist Elysiana is enough to make many players ban decks with the presence of this Legendary Minion. But if ignored, this deck can crush the opponent.

Conjurer’s Mage

Imagine a deck that could create four powerful 8/4 Minions in one turn. If that wasn’t scary enough, imagine it happening again. Here’s what Hunterace’s potential Mage deck can do.

Conjurer's Calling(90625).pngRabble Bouncer(90203).png

Just creating two 7-mana minions from one minion is not enough to become a nightmare for many decks. Combine Conjurer’s Calling with cards like Rabble Bouncer and Zilliax for anti-aggro, creating an almost unbeatable deck.

Tempo Rogue

With the arrival of the new minion type Lackey, we have many new aggro decks. These are 1-mana minions created with other cards and they have a small effect, but are enough to change the game.

Vendetta(90581).pngBlink Fox(89423).png

Class Rogue is enjoying these new cards to quickly burn down enemy health. Cards like Vendetta and Blink Fox also add formidable power to this deck. Combining the deck with cards from the opponent’s class can finish the opponent by surprise.

Control Shaman

This is the most controversial class in the Hunterace lineup because many players believe that Shaman is not a reliable class in the tournament. However, Hunterace wasn’t one of those players who thought so.

He created his own Shaman control deck, which includes cards that are not considered reliable, such as Ancestral Healing and Omega Defender. These things ensure Hunterace stays strong late game, generating enough value from established minions and Hagatha’s Hero Power. Most of the decks at the tournament lacked the tools to compete for value against Hagatha, and slowly collapsed before Hunterace.

Hunterace shocked the world with his amazing deck building skills combined with his competitive ability. Those things helped him step up to the top of the HCT World Championship. Many fans are eager to see what he will bring to the next big event. Hunterace’s first game at Hearthstone Grandmasters on May 18 will be against his teammate, Jaromír “Jarla” Vyskočil.

Source link: The key to helping Hunterace win the world: Unusual deck building skills

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Key members of Activision Blizzard continue to leave

According to information from Richard Lewis, there is more bad news for Activision Blizzard. The Lewis article says that many “core and experienced members” are preparing to leave the company in the next few weeks.

thanh vien chu chot activision blizzard ra di 1 - Emergenceingame

Kicking off this wave is Overwatch League manager Nate Nanzer, who announced his departure from the position last week. This news sparked a lot of speculation about what was going on in the company. Some thought that due to a more attractive offer from Epic, Nanzer changed to Epic Games. The company is investing in esports for Fortnite Battle Royale and its newly acquired title Rocket League.

The article said “People are tired of working for Pete Vlastelica. The focus becomes on commercializing esports titles instead of creating programs that are good for the community. A lot of people assumed it was Pete’s fault, and that crushed the morale of the Call of Duty and Overwatch team.”

thanh vien chu chot activision blizzard ra di 2 - Emergenceingame
Overwatch’s father company is in real trouble

This is not too difficult to understand when Vlastelica’s background is from traditional media and sports. Vlastelica joined Activision Blizzard in 2016, after leaving FOX Sports.

Another source said, “Currently, there is a feeling that the management doesn’t understand esports. People can’t argue with these people. They insist that their traditional sports vision is right and that upsets people.”

It looks like the Overwatch League will continue, but Blizzard needs to change the culture before it’s too late for this iconic game.

Source link: Key members of Activision Blizzard continue to leave


How to use the Security Key, Security Key feature on Facebook

Security Key, also known as the security key feature on Facebook, allows users to use this security key on Facebook to log in anywhere via a USB device to be more secure in logging in to their account. I’m in strange places.

Use security key on Facebook is a way to help you keep your Facebook account safer when logging into Facebook in such a strange place. This is one of the security features added by Facebook for users to help support Facebook login. However, the number of people using the security key on Facebook is still not much due to its limitations, most of the users who use the security key on Facebook are business people, who own important information in their accounts. your account.

How to use the security key to cover the security key on facebook

However, using a security key on Facebook is highly appreciated, this is also a feature that you should try to use if you fully meet its conditions. So specifically what is using a security key on Facebook and how to use it, the following article will help you understand more about this.

Instructions for using security keys on Facebook

Note before use

– Using a security key on Facebook only works in the browser Opera and Chrome.
– Use security key on Facebook inactive on mobile devices.
– You can’t use regular USB for Security Key, it’s required USB Security Key specially manufactured by security firms.

Step 1: To use the security key on Facebook we first need to go to the Setting (Settings) on Facebook.

How to use facebook security key to use security key on facebook 2

Step 2: Then proceed to the section Security and login (Security and login) in the settings interface.

How to use facebook security key to cover security key on facebook 3

Step 3: Here we scroll down to the enhanced security (Setting Up Extra Security) and click use 2-factor authentication (Use two-factor authentication).

How to use facebook security key to use security key on facebook 4

Step 4: Immediately a series of security features appear, click continue on the section Security key (Security Keys) and select add key (Add key).

Note: If the add key is crossed out, it means you are using the wrong browser, Facebook only supports using security keys on Chrome and Opera.

How to use security key to cover security key on facebook 5

Step 5: At this step Facebook also informs you that this feature only works for those who own USB Security Key only, if you have, choose add key (Add key).

How to use facebook security key to cover security key on facebook 6

Step 6: At this step, the segment will continue to be blurred, to activate it you must insert USB Security Key into the.

How to use the security key to cover the security key on facebook 7

USB Security Key is a device manufactured by security companies, after plugging it in, press the yellow button on the USB.

How to use the security key to cover the security key on facebook 8

Step 7: Immediately the password creation section for USB Security Key appears, enter the password and then press Confirm (Submit).

How to use facebook security key to use security key on facebook 9

Step 8: Enter a name for the USB Security Key and then press continue (Tiếp tục).

How to use the security key to cover the security key on facebook 10

Step 9: When there is an announcement Security key added that is, you have finished using the security key on Facebook.

How to use security keys on facebook security keys 11

From now on when logging into Facebook anywhere, you just need to go to the Facebook login section, plug in the USB Security Key and then click activate to automatically enter Facebook.

So we have just finished using the security key on Facebook, the Facebook Security Key feature is very safe, but you can also see its limitation is that it must have a USB Security Key, not a normal USB. . Hopefully in the near future Facebook will make changes to make this feature more popular to users. In addition, USB Security Key not only applies to Facebook, but it also works with many different services including Google Drive, Google’s Gmail can also be used.
If you do not have the conditions to use the security key on Facebook, please enable the Facebook 2-layer security feature. This is also a highly appreciated security feature, making your Facebook account more secure than ever, see how to enable layer security for Facebook and follow the instructions to upgrade your security. your Facebook account.

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How to enter the copyright IDM Key

The operation of entering the copyright IDM Key is relatively simple and does not take too much time to perform, but not many users know how to do it, the following guide by Taimienphi will fully illustrate the operations to help you activate. Internet Download Manager license fastest and most accurate.

Good IDM software with full name is Internet Download Manager is a familiar tool that supports downloading files on the browser quickly and efficiently. IDM is provided free for users to use within 30 daysafter this time, if you want to continue using it, you must buy a license activation key.

how to enter your idm key

How to enter the copyright IDM Key

If you have purchased a license but do not know how to enter and activate it, the following article by Taimienphi will guide you how to enter the copyright IDM Key most complete and accurate.

Instructions on how to enter the copyright IDM Key

First of all, users need to pre-install or update the latest version of the software on their computer. Links to download Internet Download Manager versions will be shared by Taimienphi shortly.

– Download Internet Download Manager software here: download IDM

After you have successfully installed or updated IDM, continue to perform the following steps to activate the license.

Step 1: Open software Internet Download Manager on the computer;

Step 2: In the main working screen, click on the item Registration on the software toolbar, select Registration ;

how to enter your idm key 2

Step 3: A dialog box Register to use appears, now enter your personal information including: Full name, address Email and Registration number (copyright key) . Once done, press OK .

how to enter your idm key 3

Step 4: Now you have completed the activation of the copyright IDM, but to be sure of success, please click on the item Help select Information about using IDM To test.

how to enter your idm key 4

Step 5: Dialog box Introduction to Internet Download Manager appear. If you see your personal information and number Serial number as shown in the illustration, it means that you have successfully activated it.

how to enter your idm key 5

With the 5 steps that Taimienphi has just introduced, it’s not difficult for you to be on your own enter the copyright IDM key exactly to activate and use on your device. If you have any difficulties in the process of entering the IDM license key, please leave a comment below this article for the fastest support!
There are many of you who have encountered Fake Serial Number errors when using IDM, this is an error that appears when users intentionally use IDM without registering, to fix Fake Serial Number IDM is also simple, you can refer to many tutorials on Taimienphi or on the Internet.

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Change half life button, change key in half life 1.1

Tips to change the half life button, adjust the key in Half life 1.1 to help you play the game in the easiest way. Follow the following tips of to fix shortcuts in Half life.

Half Life is a legendary game, at the forefront of today’s shooting games. Later shooting role-playing games like Raid also took ideas from Half life to implement. Thanks to the advanced Online game mode, Raid quickly received a positive response from gamers, replacing the traditional Offline game Half life.

half life nut

Change half life button, change key in half life 1.1

To play Half Life, you just need to install Half life on your computer and access the game normally without an Internet connection. But for Raid, the Internet and must be a stable and high-speed Internet can fight without fear of lag or shock.

Therefore, to play Offline at home or via LAN, install Half life on the computer To compete is essential. However, before entering the game, you need to create and edit the shortcuts in Half life accordingly.

Change half life button, change key in half life 1.1

Step 1: You double click on the CS 1.1 icon to enter the game Half Life on your computer.

I edit movies in half life

Step 2: In the game interface, select Config.

how i master movies in half life

Change the half life button, change the key in half life

Step 3: Select next Controls.

guide me through the movies in half life

Step 4: Here you pay attention to the line Action and Key/button. Depending on the person, the shortcut editing settings in this section are different. Example: chooses Buy Menu (Buy weapons) is the key Del.

Double click Key/button there.

I edit all the movies in the game half life

Press Del on the keyboard.

guide me through the movies in the game half life

Finally press OK to save the edited half life button changes.

That’s it, you can do the same with the remaining shortcuts. Editing the appropriate keyboard shortcut will make your game experience a lot easier. In addition, you can refer to how half life command to play the game better
As for those who just want to shoot Half Life and want to play Raid online, the first thing you need is to create a raid game account. This is a game of NPH VTC, that’s why when registering for Raid, create a raid game account, you only need to go to the website address of VTC game to avoid being scammed.

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Instructions to receive and enter the Dota Underlords key

Dota Underlords was recently announced by Valve as the popular indie game version of Auto Chess. Dota 2’s Auto Chess had a record number of participants, not seen in a long time. Below is an article on how to get and enter our Dota Underlords key.

The popularity of Auto Chess prompted Valve to develop a version specifically for it, Dota Underlords. If you own The International Battle Pass, you can get 3 free keys and invite your friends to play with you.

Dota underlords keystroke and key input

Friend key – Can invite friends to play the game together

Instructions for getting 3 Friend keys Dota Underlords

Each player account purchased with the purchase of The International Battle Pass Dota 2 can participate in the Dota Underlords Beta pre-game experience and receive a Key. Not only will you get a CD Key for yourself, but you can also share it with two other people you want to play with who don’t have a Battle Pass.

Step 1: Open the Steam software and proceed to log in to your account. Update the Dota 2 game to the latest version, then enter the Dota 2 game. On the main interface of the game, select View Friend Keys to proceed to receive Key Dota Underlords.

Dota underlords 2 keystrokes and keystrokes

Step 2: List Friend Key appear, you can share them with other players when they are not available The International Battle Pass.

dota underlords 3 keystrokes and keystrokes

With each key you can download and install Dota Underlords on your computer via Steam software, experience the game before the official release.

Instructions for entering the Dota Underlords key on Steam

Step 1: For those of you who share the Dota Underlords Key, you must enter the Steam software on your computer, select + ADD A GAME in the bottom left corner of the software.

Dota underlords 4 keystrokes and keystrokes

Step 2: Choose Active A Product On Steam in a new window that appears.

Dota underlords 5 keystrokes and keystrokes

Step 3: Continue to choose next to go to the next step

Dota underlords 6 keystrokes and keystrokes

Click I AGREE agree to all terms of the Steam software.

Dota underlords 7 keystrokes and keystrokes

Step 4: Enter the Key code you received in the blank box Product Code and click next.

Dota underlords 8 keystrokes and keystrokes

Step 5: When the Key is valid, Dota Underlords will be added to the game library Thư viện of Steam as shown below, you choose Install to proceed with the download and install Dota Underlords on computer.

Dota underlords 9 keystrokes and keystrokes
Underlords is a game with much better graphics than Dota Auto Chess included in Dota 2 game, user-friendly and smooth interface. Valve uses their inherent character images, which we may change in the future. We hope that our guide to getting and entering a Dota Underlords key brings a lot of useful knowledge to you. Wish you happy gaming.

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How to get Auto Chess PC key, Alpha Test version on PC

Recently, on the Auto Chess homepage of publisher Drodo, it has officially allowed players to register early and receive the PC version Auto Chess key. Hurry up and register quickly to experience the Alpha Test version of the most attractive chess board game on the planet.

Auto Chess PC version with positive improvements in interface and graphics is entering a closed beta phase, participants who pre-register can receive an Auto Chess key, and they can experience it first. PC version.

How to find auto chess key for pc alpha test on pc

Instructions for getting Alpha Test Auto Chess PC key

Step 1: Gamers who want to receive the Alpha Test Auto Chess key on PC must access the link at the game’s homepage Here and then click on PC Reservation as shown below.

How to find auto chess key for pc alpha test on pc 2

Step 2: A message board appears, now the player needs to log in to their Dragonest account. Fill in your account information Email and Password (password) then click Login. In case you do not have an account, click Register Now to proceed with registration.

How to find auto chess key for pc alpha test on pc 3

Step 3: After successfully logging in, now go back to the game’s main interface and click PC Reservation once again. Notification appears Reserved successfully that means you have successfully registered to receive Auto Chess PC key.

How to find auto chess key for pc alpha test on pc 4

And now you just have to wait for the system to automatically play CDKey Alpha Test Auto Chess PC, so that you can experience the test version of Auto Chess game on PC operating systems first.

how to unlock auto chess pc key alpha test on pc 5

Step 4: Once you have received the CDKey Alpha Test Auto Chess PC you can download the game in the yellow box next to it.

how to unlock auto chess pc key alpha test on pc 6

Developed and designed on the basis of advanced Unreal Engine graphics, Auto Chess PC has had a marked change in visuals with more detailed effects, creating a sense of excitement for players when experiencing, promises this will be a competitor to Teamfight Tactics or Underlords when officially launched.

how to unlock auto chess pc key alpha test on pc 7
Thus, Taimienphi has just instructed you how to get the CDKey of the Alpha Test version of the Auto Chess game on PC operating systems, so that you can experience the closed test version of the publisher Drodo Studio first. In the meantime, you can play Auto Chess on your computer using Android emulators, how? How to play Auto Chess on LDPlayer We have detailed instructions to help you experience mobile games on your computer, avoiding phone wear and tear.

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League of Legends Shortcuts, Short Key Game LOL

Using the League of Legends shortcut is a way for gamers to operate faster than their opponents, thereby gaining a lot of advantages in combat as well as not having to use too many mouse clicks, so playing shortcuts What are the Short Keys in the game LOL?

League of Legends is a game published by Garena. You need to have Garena Plus installed to play League of Legends. Not only LOL, over Garena Plus It also integrates many titles such as FIFA Online 3, Legendary Fighter, Legendary Campaign … which is played by many people.

movies about the union of heroes

League of legends shortcut, short key LOL:

6 commonly used League of Legends shortcuts:

– Keys 1/2/3/4/5/6: Use Item in order from left to right, from top to bottom. The order of items will be as follows: 1-2-3, 4-5-6. (The condition is that items 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 must have their own activation mode)
– Keys Q/W/E/CHEAP: Use the champion’s skill/Skill.
– Keys A: Attack any monster when pointing the mouse + Move to the cursor position when we click. For example, when clicking on an empty space, the champion will move to the correct position of that vacant land.
– Keys S: The champion will stay still, even when the opponent is within range.
– Keys Tab: Open the competition scoreboard, to see the kill stats, the upgraded weapons that the opponent is using (the points/achievement stats of the 2 teams).
– Keys Esc: Turn on the Setup Menu menu.

movie game game league of legends

Some other League of Legends shortcuts:

– Shortcut keys X: Show the mouse pointer to attack.
– Keystrokes Alt + Q/W/E/L: Use an ability on yourself if it’s a Spell like healing, increasing attack speed…
– Keystrokes Shift+Q/W/E/R/D/F: Use the quick command.
– Keystrokes Ctrl + Q/W/E/RED: Automatically upgrade skills/Skills (applicable only when leveling up).
– Keys EASY: Summoner spell 1.
– Keys F: Summoner spell 2.
– Keys H: Holding the H button will stop all operations.
– Shortcut keys REMOVE or 7: Return to base/home.
– Keys Z: Reopen the chat window.
– Keys Arrow Keys: Scroll the screen.
– Keys OLD: View general information such as: Health, internal energy, armor penetration, critical…
– Keys P: Open the item shop window to preview the equipment.
– Keys WOOD: Toggle mouse pointer to ping.
– Keys Y: Lock or unlock Camera to see the whole map..
– Keys Spacebar (Spacebar): The screen will switch to the center of the champion.
– Keys OFFER: Displays the monster’s health bar, can switch between 4 display modes: Show all monster health, only show opponent’s monster health, don’t display monster health and never now shows monster health even when hovering over a monster.
– Keystrokes Shift + L: Hide or show health bars on the map.
– Keystrokes Shift + KY: Hide or show the champion’s name (name above the champion’s head).
– Keystrokes Ctrl + F: See the Ping and FPS of the current game.
– Keystrokes Alt + left click: Ping at a point.
– Keystrokes Alt + right click: Control clones like Tibbers, Shaco ball, LeBlanc, Morderkaiser.
– Keys F1: Choose yourself.
– Keys F2/F3/F4/F5: Choose teammates from 1 to 4.
– F12 or key Print Screen: Take a screenshot.

movies about the union of legends

Above are all the LOL shortcuts that you should remember. Use these shortcuts appropriately, you will be a League of Legends player.

To receive items in LOL without an Online game, Garena has also supported Gas software to help players spin prizes every day. If you’re lucky, when you spin Gas, you also get a lot of valuable items in LOL such as Generals, upgrade items… Once online, players can operate the fastest with shortcuts in League of Legends. phone. Learn the following basic LOL shortcuts to make the game easier.

As a LOL Fan, you should also use League of Legends Stickers at all times, including on Facebook. The League of Legends Stickers on Facebook will surprise your friends and LOL teammates.
Above are the League of Legends shortcuts, Short Key LOL including frequently used shortcuts and other functional shortcuts of the game League of Legends. What keyboard shortcuts do you use the most? Please leave a comment at the end of the article to join in the discussion of LOL’s keyboard shortcuts. In addition, you can refer to how Stream LOL Click here to live stream League of Legends on Facebook.

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Genshin Impact: How to get the temple key and rewards

Inside the shrine at Genshin Impact can give players a lot of treasure. The article will teach you how to get the key to open the temple door and get the treasure inside.

Locations to find temple keys in Genshin Impact
Locations to find temple keys in Genshin Impact

Why is the temple key needed in Genshin Impact

Inside the shrine – Shrine of Depth there is always a Luxurious Chest waiting for you to unlock. They give you Adventure Rank XP, equipment, primeval stones, and upgradeable items. You need to collect them if you want to interact with all the structures in Teyvat. Finding the key is also interesting work, although not too difficult.

You have several ways to earn Genshin Impact’s temple key, including: conquering domains, completing specific tasks. Shrines are scattered in all regions of the Genshin Impact. You can easily come across a Shrine of Depth along the way.

The key to the temple in Mondstadt
The key to the temple in Mondstadt

Conquer domains to earn the key to the Shrine of Depth in Genshin Impact

  • Wolf Temple: Players must be at least adventure rank 15.
  • Falcon Temple: Players must be at least adventure rank 12.
  • Eagle’s Gate: Player must be at least adventurer rank 21.
  • Lion Temple: Players must be at least adventure rank 18.
  • Domain of Forsaken Ruin: Players must be at least adventurer rank 24.
  • Domain of the Wayward Path: Player must be at least adventurer rank 27.
  • Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula (Voyage to the Sanguine Sky): Players must be at least adventure rank 30.
  • Hidden Palace of Guizang Formula (Travels of the Moonlit Venturer): Players must be at least adventure rank 35.

Complete quests to earn the key to the Shrine of Depth in Genshin Impact

  • New Horizons of Adventure
  • Adventure Rank Ascension 1
  • Adventure Rank Ascension 2
  • The Chi of Yore (Chi of Gyun)
  • The Tree Who Stands Alone
  • Treasure Lost, Treasure Found
Genshin Impact Shrine Key
Genshin Impact Shrine Key

After you’ve collected the key, head to the shrine, go deep inside, and earn rewards. You can also invite friends to join you to conquer domains faster.

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How to get Meowscles Vault Fortnite key

According to Fortnite update 12.30, gamers can find the Meowscles Vault Fortnite key and secret vault appearing on the map. If you are curious about them, why not try to follow the steps below.

In addition to some other weekly challenges or quests, Fortnite has added a secret vault on the map and players who want to open it must own the key to the Meowscles Vault Fortnite, to do that you have to defeat an NPC. .

meowscles vault fortnite

Instructions to get the Meowscles Vault Fortnite key

How to get Meowscles Vault Fortnite key

To find the mysterious vault, players will first need to earn the Meowscles Vault Fortnite key, which can be done by defeating Meowscles but not in his usual location. Instead, Meowscles can be found in a cardboard box factory in the Southeast’s corner of the map, defeating him will yield the key card to the player. Meowscles doesn’t have a gun so it’s easy to kill but other players might also be trying to get the key or even come see how to try, so you need to get here as soon as you land, parachute down here the better.

meowscles vault fortnite 2

Box Factory – Meowscles Vault Fortnite Key Location

Secret Treasure Vault Meowscles Vault Fortnite

The Meowscles Vault Fortnite key is titled Yacht Keycard, but in reality the secret treasure is not in the yacht as the vault is located near The Agency. Upon reaching The Agency, the player will need to jump into the water in front of the main building. According to information, the key Meowscles Vault Fortnite will lead to a secret underwater vault. Currently, the key doesn’t actually open the treasure, but it does allow players to learn this secret location. It is very likely that they will work in the near future, but whether the Meowscles key leads to the treasure is uncertain.

meowscles vault fortnite 3

The Agency map location – Meowscles Vault Fortnite Secret Treasure

For now, it’s possible that Meowscles’ key card is simply an additional collectible to the game. However, the discovery of this secret vault made many players curious and wondering, we will know the answer in the next updated versions. Don’t forget that you can too play Fortnite Mobile on PC when using Android emulators.

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