Cuu Yin essay – Part 1: “young buffalo” shares bitter secrets

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In this first period, the essay Nine Yin will introduce readers to the secrets of inhibition that young “adult” people often use.

Breaking the exercises
As one of the fastest ways to increase the speed of cultivation and upgrade skills, practicing the exercises is an indispensable daily work of gamers. The Nine Yin Chan Kinh. With a normal account, practicing once 25 rounds plus 10 rounds once tired will reach 100%. But for accounts with Danh Tuan Giang Ho, just practice 25 rounds once to reach the top. The important point is that if you achieve a joint attack, that is, without missing a round in one practice, it will bring a huge amount of transformational cultivation and a high chance of achieving enlightenment.

“Dancing with sticks” is a familiar dance when doing the exercises

Knowing this is an important activity of the whole server, so there are many elements who want to sabotage the results of the whole “dance” group. The most common case is to miss the operation in round 24, making the community extremely bitter. According to the experience of a young buffalo who have become famous for many years, after the destruction is complete, the way to get rid of responsibility is to make excuses … I just learned to play.

Stop messing around with a notebook that records the history of dance moves

However, this elder also shared that the missions to break the exercises are now very difficult because of the appearance of a notebook that records the number of misses and the player’s fatigue. Through numbers and analysis by gamers, calves are always discovered before they can “lay eggs”. Most of them were “counter-damaged” from dozens of moves, and were also recorded in the “Death Note” book. It can be seen that the Cuu Yin Chan Kinh community is very selfless, but they also have a very strong hatred.

Break the forbidden area
Gamer Nine Yin Chan Kinh is very smart, and so are the young children in this realistic swordplay world. Lose this glue, we put another glue. Being blocked from doing the exercises, the calves quickly find something else to break – break the forbidden area.

The forbidden place in CACK is large, beautiful and… hard to see her

In addition to the earned equipment that can be traded for cash up to millions, the Forbidden Land in the Nine Yin Chan Kinh also attracts players for its unique hardcore. A turn of the penalty area can cost the player up to… 8 hours. Therefore, the “eating” team must have strong trust and support for each other. Knowing that situation, many seniors take advantage of AFK, continuous network feed to disrupt boss fighting tactics. The worse thing is to drag the boss out of the wrong damage range to help them recover full health. From here, a penalty area without people will take up to… a few days to complete.

Longmen Forbidden Land Hotel is as realistic as a movie

Currently, this method of breaking is still being used regularly by old and young buffaloes and there is no way to prevent people.. Unless the team removes the ban or calls for someone else to take their place. It is known that a forbidden area of ​​the Nine Yin Chan Kinh, the number of participants in a party can be up to 18 people depending on the difficulty (Normal, Hard, Hell)

Break the state
The most widespread act of causing hatred is breaking the state, the form being used by the young golden generation. Using the excuse of plowing evil points, a number of components often intercepted the way to steal the state, causing waves in the server.

State robbery begins the never-ending War Bang battles

Spending is an activity that brings great resources to the guild. In addition to a single shipment with a low value of goods, there is also a group of goods with extremely large value, bringing immeasurable wealth.

The extremely large-scale War Bang battles also arise from personal conflicts

It can be said that destiny is the lifeline of a guild. So, if any young buffalo performs the act of “stealth biting” when people are not paying attention, it will only cause bitterness in a certain way. But in some cases where the identity is discovered, seeing the name of the guild that is relying on will bring extremely troublesome things. Typically, carrying weapons to the base (base) of the enemy state “ask a conversation”. It’s no exaggeration, this is the most obnoxious type of young buffalo when it comes to disaster alone, now it is also involved with the guild brothers.

Pewpew used to go to prison because he was so young he liked murder

In addition to the three ways of inhibiting above, the elders of the youth association also share a few other equally effective pranks, such as: turning on the kill item right at the respawn point (CACK can PK right in city), cursed all day on the world channel, actively auctioned the transaction and said there was no money to pay, etc.

The end of the penitentiary Nine Yin – Part 1: “young buffalo” shares bitter secrets
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