The items are “born” in Pope Francis 10.16

In the latest 10.16’s update The arena of truth, Riot made a big change by focusing on “upgrading” items instead of champions like in previous updates. Let’s see which items have been “released” in the article below.

Break the sword

Break the sword

There was a time Sword Breaking thought to fall into oblivion when forming formations Gunners nerfed at the same time, even though it is used by occasional nerfs Ekko, Irelia in the Super Tech lineup. But it is only considered as a temporary “puzzle piece” to counter some certain generals.

But things get a lot brighter in this 10.16 update, when Riot buffed the No-Hit effect to 33%. That entails early game strength Gunners multiplied.

Electric Knife Statikk

Statikk electric knives

The downside is that late game damage is too weak and too dependent on champion attack speed Statikk electric knives has never been appreciated in The arena of truth and seems to be the only match Xayah.

However, things are different when Riot has decided to increase the true damage Statikk electric knives comes with a condition that the damage-receiving opponent is buffed or controlled. The reason for this is because Riot wants to control the power of this item.

Fist of justice

Fist of justice

Previously, many gamers were still “wondering” when to use them Fist of justice Since this item is too offensive, the effect increases specifically 50% Damage is much stronger than recovery 50 health per hit.

But now, this item has been “refreshed” to be more balanced, which is the healing ability will be based on 50% damage dealt from basic attacks or abilities of the hero.

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In particular, generals Master Yi with the team 6 Search for a Guest is gradually becoming “unmatched” when possessing this item.

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