The happy family of the TLBB couple after a few weeks of dating hastily canceled the map to get married

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Love stories between teachers and students are not rare and hard to find in real life. And even when the era of online games explodes like today, the love of teachers in the game is the predestined for couples to develop love, even marriage.

As recently, in an article sharing “2017 and I” on the Dota2 Community VN group – the event summarizing the important and memorable milestones in the past year of the community playing this game, a gamer was extremely excited when sharing his biggest “accomplishment” in 2017 to date is an extremely happy and fulfilled family with a beautiful wife and good children. More specifically, the guy’s wife is the “disciple” in his game every day.


The guy shared “Last season, delicious Dota, jumping over Thien Long Bat Bo plowing for 3 months”. It is also in this game that he meets his wife and accepts her as his disciple. After that, it was time to take her to train, pull missions, PK. Then the relationship also gradually became closer when the two began to date each other outside, from coffee, eating, and watching movies. Unexpectedly, a few weeks later, the couple hastily canceled the master plan… to get married.​


And now, the happy family of a young couple with an extremely plump, lovely angel is the clearest proof for the happy ending of a love story that started in the virtual world.


This is probably the most important and memorable milestone in the past year, even this gamer’s life in the above sharing. Listen to the story that many people have to admire as well as send wishes for the full happiness of the small family.


If in the swordplay movies, the love masters – masters were denigrated and criticized by fellow martial artists, then in that era, in online games, the master-disciple love story received support. The enthusiastic support of all gamers from inside to outside the game like this.

Another new year has come, hopefully in this 2018 our gamers will have more success, more joy, more memorable milestones so that in the next 365 days, we will look back. I won’t feel like I’ve wasted my time or regret what I’ve done and failed to do!​

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