Mesmerized by the super beautiful Concept Art of the game

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Every year when the beginning of June comes, the art lovers of the gaming industry look forward to it Into The Pixel – an exhibition organized by the Entertainment Software Association and the American Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. This exhibition is aimed at a single goal of honoring the artworks of the virtual world and the most talented artists.. This is also an opportunity for gamers to experience firsthand the paintings. Concept Art The best place to start for countless fantasy worlds inside your favorite games.

And the writer guarantees, you will admire the beauty of these Concept Art paintings..

AFTERPARTY – Ruel Pascual, Bryant Cannon, Eric Romano, Claire Chen & Beverly Chen.
UNCHARTED: THE LOST LEGACY – Todd Foster, Rogelio Olguin, Brian Recktenwald, Christophe Desse, Matt Radford, Iki Ikram, Mark Shoaf & Boon Cotter.

GWENT – Anna Podedworna.

Readers can also download the original images of these drawings here:

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