The Gardens Between – If you forget your childhood, this is a journey for you to remember

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Whether you are still in school, have just passed the university entrance exam, are worried about the end of the year project, or are sitting in an office with scattered papers, there is one thing in common in every person. That is the desire to return to the time where the carefree childhood years were thoughtless. Although we may still remember those years in our minds, these are often just images of the hustle and bustle of life out there.


But with The Gardens Between, a small game in the hands of an unknown developer, whoever you are at the moment, you still have a ticket to return to your childhood memories. In The Gardens Between you will be lost in the very imaginary world that you used to rewind in your mind, a world full of miracles but now has faded over the years.

The Gardens Between game trailer.

The Gardens Between is a story about two friends.. one is Adrina with a stubborn nature, the other is a quiet Frendt who is always immersed in thoughts. Two friends will journey together on an island of dreams that reflect countless childhood memories. The old four-button electronic machines, the thick tapes, the toy radios, the carton boxes, the wooden puzzle pieces… all will gradually appear in the minds of the two friends as well. like our own childhood.


In terms of gameplay, The Gardens Between takes gamers to puzzles formed by many different objects, items that probably only existed since the 90s of the last century. Each puzzle will correspond to an island and each island represents a memorable moment in the childhood of the 2 main characters. Gradually going through each of those puzzles, the player will discover the secret of the memory that changed the lives of both of them forever.


The Gardens Between is expected to be The Voxel Agents released on September 20 of this year on PC, Mac, PS4 and Switch, giving us a precious ticket on the train back to childhood.

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