The “father” of GTA 5 is developing a new game, “banned” in Australia?

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According to Kotaku, on the Australian IARC classification website suddenly appeared a brand named Bonairein which the “father” of GTA 5 listed as publisher and developer. However Bonaire was denied permission, we don’t know much about this work except for a name.​


According to Kotaku’s theory, it is possible that Bonaire is a DLC for Red Dead Redemption 2, because Bonaire is also the name of a Caribbean island. As is known, part of the campaign takes place on the fictional island of Guarma, so Bonaire is most likely an addition to the game’s single player or online mode.​


However, why it was refused classification remains a mystery, Red Dead Redemption has an MA15+ classification in Australia, which means it will be restricted to gamers under the age of 15. This is the second game of Rockstar Games faced with the rejection of the Australian government, the first game that had problems in this stage was Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The reason for this ban is most likely due to the recent sweeping action of violent games by the Australian government.


So far there is no guarantee that Bonaire will be part of Red Dead Redemption, it could be anything we can think of. It could be a DLC, a spin-off, or even a new game (like a sequel to ). Bully). Moreover, not long ago, Edinburgh Live reported that Rockstar Games had taken down the Red Dead Redemption 2 billboard in front of the company’s door, most likely referring to a new game in development. Before Red Dead Redemption 2, the spot on that billboard used to belong to Rockstar’s hit game GTA 5. Hopefully we will soon have an answer to what the mysterious Bonaire is.​

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