Livestream asking for charity, streamer “crying like rain” when receiving a huge donation amount

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Averageharrry was originally an anonymous name in Twitch community until a clip with the image of a boy hugging his mother crying like rain was widely shared on social networks. Receiving an unexpected large amount of money after the session live stream Calling for charity made this 15-year-old boy unable to hold back his emotions. More than material things, the most precious thing is the kindness and affection that the audience has for him.


At the beginning of the week, Averageharrry livestreamed continuously for 12 hours with the purpose of raising money to support the treatment of poor children. As soon as he knew that he had received up to 4,800 USD in donations (more than 100 million VND), he couldn’t help but burst into tears right on the air. In the recent context, a lot streamer called for a boycott on Twitch Because of the abuse of animals and the broadcast of hot movies, Averageharrry’s humane work and sincere tears are even more appreciated by the community. In the clip, the boy cried so much that his mother had to ask him if he was okay. The clip has now garnered more than 190,000 views and 6,000 upvotes on Reddit.

However, before calling for charity, many viewers were suspicious and thought he was cheating. Anyway, this is understandable because the situation of taking advantage of people’s mercy for personal gain is not uncommon. In response to the allegations, the 15-year-old streamer said that, when he receives the donation on September 15, he will donate the entire amount to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in London, which is treating 600 patients a day day. It was a very noble act, many Reddit users did not hesitate to call him “king”, “champion”, “true MVP” (MVP: most valuable player, a noble title that everyone knows). want to achieve in the game).


For many famous streamers, thousands of dollars in donations may not be worth much, but with Averageharry’s account of just over 1,000 followers, this is truly extraordinary. Hopefully good deeds like yours will continue to spread so that the Twitch community grows stronger and stronger.​

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