The fastest running dinosaurs ARK: Survival Evolved


In ARK: Survival Evolved, players will live life together with different dinosaurs. Each of them has a different running speed, helping players get their own strategies in fighting as well as hunting. Let learn about the top dinosaurs with the fastest running speed in the game through the statistics below.


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The fastest running dinosaurs ARK: Survival Evolved

Top 1: Giganotosaurus


Giganotosaurus with speed 1500 is the dinosaur with the highest speed in the game (not upgraded). Once chased by this species, you will only have one way to slow it down, which is to build structures to block the road. Since this species is quite large in size, they will easily get stuck in narrow corners.

Top 2: Gallimimus


Gallimimus with a much smaller body than Giganotosaurus. However, they do have a really amazing run speed – 1100. This is a speed that can beat all other dinosaurs in terms of speed. Moreover, with his small body, Gallimimus is able to wriggle in narrow terrain and even carry 2 people on his back. Gallimimus’s weakness is a species that is quite cowardly, and has little effect on resource harvesting.

Top 3: Procoptodon


This creature resembles a giant kangaroo rather than a dinosaur. Their strange moves are jumping, jumping, and jumping. However, do not underestimate these jumps, as Procoptodon’s speed is extremely impressive (850). In addition, this giant kangaroo also has an excellent payload capacity, helping the player to carry a lot of goods as well as residents.

Top 4: Yutyrannus


Yutyrannus is at 4th place in the ranking with speed 700. Yutyrannus has a long coat, sharp claws and a fierce appearance. Because of that, this animal is often used by tribes to cause fear and chase after the enemy quite well.

Top 5: Titanosaur


And last stand is the “giant” the world’s largest ARK – Titanosaur. Although Titanosaur has an oversized body, but at the same time with his extremely wide stride, the Titanosaur is able to reach high speeds. 700 unit. Not only has good movement speed, because of its size, but Titanosaur becomes a true mobile fortress in every enemy attack in the game.

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