The secret to perfect living room decor in Minecraft

Have a lot of how to decorate houses in Minecraft so beautiful. In this article, let’s find out about how to decorate the living room simple but still eye-catching!

How to decorate a room in Minecraft

Since its launch in 2011, Minecraft world building game has created a “fever” and so far has not cooled down. Minecraft supports multiple platforms, including Mac, Linux, Windows, Xbox 360. The game allows players to build and design all types of buildings using materials available on Earth.

Building a house and designing a room is one of the jobs that many Minecraft gamers love. In which, the living room is often the most interested place. If it is the same for you, let refer to some beautiful living room design suggestions for Minecraft below!

Note, before embarking on building the living room, you need to determine the desired floor location and the interior furniture.

This article will guide you to build and arrange real objects that you can put in your living room. In addition, you will also find tips on how to make the room so cozy.

The secret to perfect living room decor in Minecraft

Growing sugar cane

  1. Place a block of sand next to the wall.
  2. Next, place the trapdoors around the sand block and close them. This is the sugar cane growing area.
  3. The cane needs water to grow, so go outside the house and destroy the block behind the sand.
  4. Fill the hole with water and quickly place a leaf-shaped block behind the breached block to block the water supply.
  5. Try placing the leaves next to the top block to create a nice bush out of it. Make sure the leaves are attached to a log so they don’t disappear.
  6. Turn inside, placing the cane as high as you want on the sand block.
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Grow flower

Note: This guide is primarily intended for Minecraft PE players. In the other version, you just need to use the flowerpot.

  1. Place a mass of grass, mud and podzon soil.
  2. Place the trapdoors around this block and close them.
  3. Plant your favorite art in that block.
  4. You can also use mycelium and grow mushrooms in place of flowers.

Coffee table

  1. Place a block at random, it will be deleted later.
  2. Dig a hole that can hold 2 blocks deep inside and jump in.
  3. The depth of this hole should be ensured that when you place a block of stairs, it will be reversed. This is enough depth to set the foot of the table.
  4. Take out the original block and place another square in the hole, repeat the above 3 steps but on the other side of the block.
  5. Jump out of the hole and make sure it’s covered.
  6. Place a wooden plank in the middle, matching the two stairs you just laid.
  7. Remove the random blocks you initially selected.
  8. You can even put tablecloths and cakes on the table if you want.

Installing the chair

  1. Set two steps, preferably the default wooden block if you want to add side armrests.
  2. Add two symbols on the edge of the ladder as the armrest.
  3. You can even collapse it to a ladder for a cozy recliner.
  4. You cannot create a recliner if the block does not have this functionality. Let’s add a trapdoor as a legroom.

TV with Villager News

Have you ever heard of Villager News? If not, don’t be afraid to open YouTube and watch it right away. If you like it, find a large wall in your home. The best option is a wall with which you can build a new room behind it.

  • Install a 5×4 frame outside the coal blocks on the wall.
  • Discard the blocks inside this frame.
  • You can use any material. The post selects clay and creates a room behind the wall with a frame like the image in the illustration above.
  • Dig a block in the room and place the Glowstone as the floor.
  • Place a fence or stone wall right behind the TV frame.
  • Apply Glowstone to the back of the carpet.
  • Hang a picture on the TV and install a signboard “Villager News”.
  • Holding sword in hand, spawned a villager in TV. You have to kill and reproduce continuously until you get a farmer.
  • Hide this room by disguising it.
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Note: You can put anything desired on the TV.

Breeding dogs

  1. Place two of your favorite rugs.
  2. Produces a wolf.
  3. Quickly supply the bones and tame the wolf before it wanders.
  4. Name the dog with its bed marker.


Installing the shelves to help you save space and decorate your home more beautifully. You can put pictures, even flowers on them.

Your living room is done now. The room after completion is as follows:

How do you feel about the living room in this Minecraft? If you have other living room ideas design, do not hesitate to share with tip.

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