Instructions on how to download games on Steam for free

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Steam is an extremely powerful tool to support gamers and is a familiar choice whenever they need to find and play a new game. In the previous article, introduced to you how to register for a Steam account, this article will guide you in detail how to buy games on Steam.

Not only supports users to buy copyrighted games, but this tool also allows us to play free games that no other software allows.

2 ways to download games from Steam to your computer

In this tutorial there will be 2 ways for you to consult:

Download the game for free using the Steam software

Step 1:

Download and install Steam from the link to download Steam above.

If you do not have an account, please register for a Steam account and log in to the system. Since the Steam system is extremely secure, you need to ensure that it will take a long time to access Steam.

After the login is complete, gamers need to enter the security code on the device that Steam sends to your email for the first login on the device.

The main interface of Steam
The main interface of Steam

Step 2:

At the main interface of Steam, click to select Game on the main menu and select to Free to Play.

List of free games on Steam
Visit the free game site on Steam

Step 3:

Display Free To Play Games on Steam appears, this is the list of free games on Steam that will appear.

List of free games on Steam
List of free games on Steam

Here the free game is also divided into several categories: multiplayer games, new games, recently updated games, etc. for players to choose from.

Select game on Steam
Select game on Steam

Step 4:

After finding a game you like, Click the mouse on that game title, right after that the main interface of the game will appear.

Detailed game interface on Steam
Detailed game interface on Steam

Here we can view game-related information such as the content, storyline, release date, publisher, reviews, etc.

Then press Play Free to proceed with game installation for free.

Install the game for free on Steam
Install the game for free on Steam

The process of installing games on Steam is the same as installing software – games like on a PC.

Game installation interface on Steam
Game installation interface on Steam

Video instructions to install the game for free on Steam

Above we will guide you how to watch and install free games on Steam. Hope you will quickly find a suitable free game to play games on Steam.

How to download Steam games directly without using software

Step 1: You guys access Steam home page. Choose to enter Log in in the upper right corner of the screen or left mouse button on Sign in right below.

Download game Steam

Step 2: Fill in your account information and select Sign in.

Steam 1 signin 1 - Emergenceingame

Step 3: After choosing the game to buy, another interface with related games (almost the same) will appear, you choose to continue. Add to Cart.

Steam 2 add - Emergenceingame

Step 4: Steam will ask you:

  • Purchases for myself: Buy to use.
  • Purchases as a gift: Send as a gift.

Choose either of them to continue.

Steam 3 choose - Emergenceingame

Step 5: For example we choose to send the game away as a gift to a friend, choose to enter Purchases as a gift. After that, the system will request to activate email to confirm purchase information.

Steam 4 1 mail - Emergenceingame

Step 6: Go to the email address you used to sign up for an account, navigate to Steam’s mail and left-click on the link.

Steam 4 mail - Emergenceingame

After the request is made, the item tiếp tục Below will appear, click on it to continue.

Steam 5 done - Emergenceingame

Step 7: Choose the form of sending gifts:

  • Email my gift: Send by email.
  • Send my gift directly through Steam: Sent via Steam.
  • Store the gift in my inventory to send later: Save and send later.

Steam 6 continue - Emergenceingame
Choose a sending method, then click Contine

Step 8: This is the general step and the first payment step that we have to confirm. If you use the software or choose to download it on the home page for yourself, then after choosing the game, this will be the next interface.

Choose the payment method you want to use, tiếp tục.

Steam 7 tt - Emergenceingame

tiếp tục continued.

Steam 8 continue - Emergenceingame

Step 9: Fill in your billing account information for the game to be downloaded.

Steam 8 ok - Emergenceingame

Above is all the information about Steam, Game Steam or how to download games from Steam to your computer. If you love emulators and regularly use emulators to play games, this article will definitely be very helpful.

Video instructions on how to buy games on Steam

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