Searching for tattooed boys practicing “2 fingers” at net shops

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Net shop It can be said that it is a place to watch for many “two-fingered” practitioners. Although we have been very careful, but just a little carelessness, at any time, crooks can take advantage of it. Unlike the cases of petty theft, the theft of a pair of components is often the subject of long-term and professional practice, so all their actions are carried out very methodically and sophisticatedly, making many net owners phen couldn’t help but be surprised.

As recently, on the group for people net businessa shop owner in Mong Cai, Quang Ninh posted a forum to share pictures of the subject who committed the behavior parts theft at his shop.


The subject in the photo is a “tattooed boy” in his thirties, with a pierced left ear. Some information about the object that the owner found out is a guy named Bao, from Hai Phong, who used to have a criminal record, is currently practicing “two fingers” to earn a living. Despite having the subject’s phone number, the shop owner was helpless when he could not be contacted. Despite many times instructing staff to be careful with ingredients like this, in just a moment of loopholes, the subject ate up the i3 and 2 RAM sticks of the shop with extremely professional tricks when stalking. get the key from the bartender to unlock the drawer.​

Portrait of the thief shared by the owner

Sharing his “sad story” on the group, the shop owner received a lot of advice from his colleagues to report and provide evidence to the local police to find the culprit soon. However, it is known that the subject has now left the area, so it is extremely difficult to locate and capture the culprit.

This is also a lesson for the subjectivity of the net shop owner. The more you are a stranger, the more attention you need to pay attention to. Once the bad actors have noticed and taken the initiative, they can do anything. Components are becoming more and more expensive, so it is difficult to avoid many bad guys who are greedy and take risks. In order to avoid such unintended incidents, net business households need to tighten security more, not only to protect customers’ assets, but also to protect assets for themselves. .

Sharing is also a warning for internet shops in the area to be wary of objects described above. And hopefully with the fragile clues collected, the owner of the net shop can be somewhat lucky to find the object and recover the lost property.​

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