Asus launched the world’s thinnest gaming laptop

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Talk about Gaming laptop We are talking about bulky and heavy machines that always make it difficult to move. But with new technology, many manufacturers have begun to offer laptops that are thinner and lighter but still maintain enough hardware power to weigh the most super games. Asus is the latest name to step into this trend with 2 laptop models Strix SCAR II (GL704) and Zephyrus WILL (GX531) is completely new. In fact, according to Asus, these are the 2 thinnest gaming laptops in the world.


First about the Zephyrus S, Asus says that this laptop is 12% thinner than the previous model with the screen pushed straight to 144Hz. This is basically a laptop with a 15.6 Inch screen but in the frame of a 14.2 Inch thanks to the ultra-thin bezels. However, the appearance will be nothing if the internal hardware power is not ranked as terrible.


In fact, Zephyrus S is equipped with GTX 1070 Graphics Card with Max-Q design and Core i7-8750H CPU. With such a terrible configuration, the problem of heat dissipation soon became a concern of gamers and Asus had its answer right away. Accordingly, Zephyrus S will be equipped with more heat sinks than the previous generation, in parallel with the automatic opening slot mechanism when the laptop is turned on. This is a very smart tweak and creates a personality for this gaming laptop.


The Strix SCAR II pushes Asus’ design strengths even further, claiming it’s the first 17.3-inch gaming laptop the size of a 15-inch laptop. In terms of configuration, Strix SCAR II continues to be equipped with a 144Hz screen with 32 GB of RAM, GTX 1080 Max-Q and i7-8750H. Indeed, with these two ultra-thin and trendy laptop models, gamers can completely remove the image of the stone pot of previous gaming laptops.

Currently Asus does not have an official selling price for these 2 models. All relevant information will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.

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