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Switching to Mixer from Twitch in October, Shroud brought a huge following to this new platform, but the site streaming Yours isn’t the only change you’ve had.

Since coming through Mixer, he’s been streaming almost exclusively games Escape from Tarkovsometimes with a bit of Modern Warfare.


Although he clearly likes it gamebut that made him realize that no game is perfectand likely in the future too after experiencing a series of game bugs.

Tried and failed to learn the complex code that makes up every modern video game, says Shroud: “It’s crazy to think that no game is perfect.”

“Every game has something special”, he explains, suggesting that even the most professional games, created by big and experienced studios, can have flaws. That’s because of the complexity of coding, where fixing one error can create even more errors.


Can’t count how much content in the modern game, Shroud wonder if it’s like “the old days”, where even the most advanced games are relatively simple by today’s standards.

As someone who has spent most of his life gaming and even competing at the highest level, Shroud is in a very special position, he basically plays games like a full-time job.

However, unlike many streamer On the other hand, he rarely complains about minor issues or problems in the game, while his colleague Dr Disrespect is known for being able to get mad at any problem in the game.


Shroud is not afraid to criticize the games on his stream, as he often tells the developers what he thinks is wrong in the game, updating or changing the title of the game.

Previously, he confirmed that his three favorite games of all time are CSGOWorld of Warcraft and PUBG (and the battle royale genre in general), but even these games still have certain problems.

Shroud hold the view that there will never be a perfect game, especially as developers become more and more ambitious.

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