The director of the movie The Nun met a real ghost while filming

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Surely any of us have had the feeling that we are being watched from behind by someone, but when we turn around, everything is just a blank space in front of our eyes. The director of the movie Devil nunThe Nun, experienced exactly that while filming the movie in an ancient fortress in Romania. In fact, he even asserted that what he saw could completely originate from the afterlife.


As many readers know, The Nun revolves around one of the most haunting demonic images of the series The Conjuring to be nunValak“, the devil with a face that has “pierced” the chest of so many people. The Nun accordingly explores more deeply the formation of this evil and brings viewers back to Romania in the early years of the world. 16th century. This is also the reason for the film crew to make the most important scenes in the ancient fortress in Romania.. and it is also the time when director Corin Hardy experienced a phenomenon that can be considered supernatural. first in his life.


After encountering this incident, director Corin Hardy did not tell anyone, especially the actress Taissa Farmiga.. the “weak” celebrity in the film crew. Only recently when filming was completed did he sit back and share this story with fans.

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