CFL – “Guns can lew, networks can lag, play can be chickens, but definitely not hacking”

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The purpose of the game is just for fun and a fair playing field for everyone. However, a large part of gamers temporarily called “young buffalo” with a passionate nature, like to excel, always want to “find” to find “black” paths to success sooner than others. It is what seems to be just to satisfy my own ego, but it loses the beauty and fairness of the game, making other true gamers feel frustrated and annoyed.

With Crossfire Legends, although NPH has repeatedly warned and determined to clean up hackers, but still cannot escape this eternal problem. But in the middle of a hacking forest still wandering, taking it as their hobby, there are also many shooters who have lost their way and realized the truth “hacking is boring fast”. That is also the confession of a gamer who accidentally used a hack in Crossfire Legends recently “Guns can beat, the network can lag, play can be chicken, but definitely not hacking” with a message “You lost your way, turn your head”.

And immediately this saying became the slogan of the entire Crossfire Legends player community with hundreds of gunners competing to post photos and videos showing off their impressive achievements when playing games without using hacks.​

Can see the majority Crossfire Legends community is actively fighting to protect its gaming environment to become cleaner and fairer. As NPH VNG has warned before, it will strongly prevent and handle cheating in the game. Sooner or later these subjects will also be subject to the appropriate punishment. Finally, Emergenceingame.Com would like to send sincere advice to gamers, play the game fairly and honestly, do not affect the whole community for personal interests.

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