The day of the match: FACEIT Major results on day 1 of New Legends round

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The first day of the New Legend round at FACEIT Major – London 2018 has ended, dividing the teams into two groups: 1:0 winners and 0:1 losers. As the title says, for those who have predicted the top team to win, most will probably be quite sad…

We often look back at what happened in the first Swiss round:

HellRaisers 0:1 G2 Esports – Dust2 20:22 (5:10, 10:5, 5:7)

Team France beat HellRaisers in two overtime rounds, taking their first win in the opening match. BO1 started with G2 on the CT side and quickly gained the upper hand. However, their form gradually slowed down, allowing HellRaisers to gradually pull back, the first half ended with a score of 5:10 in favor of G2. Going to CT, HellRaisers successfully recreated G2’s CT performance to equalize 15-15, forcing the game to go overtime. In the end, G2 proved themselves to be still the stronger team, winning by a tight 22:20.

Winstrike Team 0:1 Team Liquid – Mirage 7:16 (3:12, 4:4)

There is nothing too surprising in the series between the bottom team and the mighty Liquid. The North American team completely annihilated their opponents for a 1:0 record. Liquid started off on the side of the police, convincingly crushing all of Winstrike’s efforts. Despite losing the pistol round, Team Liquid continuously won the following rounds to lead CT with an overwhelming score of 12:3. Wintrike tried to counterattack in the second half, but with the gap too large, they could not do anything against Liquid, giving way to Liquid with the final score 16:7.

FaZe Clan 0:1 BIG – Dust2 5:16 (5:10, 0:6)

BIG was not afraid of the opponent in a match where everyone clearly supported FaZe. Team Germany started the CT side at Dust 2 and quickly took the lead. However, although FaZe tried to win round 3, but this could not stop BIG, FaZe had to pity the opponent to lead 5 rounds at the end of the first half with a score of 5:10. What the FaZe boys didn’t expect was that they completely lost to the CT side. BIG crushes the opponent’s defense without letting them take a round. FaZe didn’t generate the economy to build and the constant loss meant that BIG claimed an unexpected victory, 16:5, against one of the heavyweight contenders of the tournament.

Fnatic 0:1 compLexity Gaming – Inferno 4:16 (3:12, 1:4)

Fnatic faced a difficult task, surrendering to Inferno in a disappointing way. Fnatic started on the T side, took the pistol round, everything looked like it was going to be bright for the Swedes. Unfortunately, the team’s “thing” quickly came to an end as compLexity was the dominant team at Inferno, breaking through Fnatic’s defence. Each round, the North American representative knocked down the Swedish team, not allowing the opponent to find a solution. The complete defeat left Fnatic behind 3:12. CompLexity, with confidence and winning momentum, quickly finished Fnatic in 5 tight rounds, with 4 wins, giving the team a 16:4 victory.

MIBR 0:1 TyLoo – Inferno 13:16 (11:4, 2:12)

Yes, if you only watched the first half and turned off the stream, you would assume that MiBR won, but CS: GO is always full of surprises. MiBR was completely helpless when on the T side in Inferno, losing the map to the bottom team TyLoo. Although the final result was very close, MiBR made a convincing start in the Inferno map, with a strong CT defense, allowing TyLoo to win only 4 rounds in the first half. With the score 11:4 in the first half, everyone believed that MiBR would soon end the match. However, TyLoo, after getting himself an important pistol round, quickly reversed course, creating an unexpected turning point. The T side could not penetrate the tenacity of the Chinese boys, from the eco round to the gun round, the gap narrowed more and more until TyLoo completed an unbelievable comeback to win 16:13 against MiBR team .

mousesports 0:1 Ninjas in Pajamas – Mirage 12:16 (6:9, 6:7)

Ninja in Pajamas continued to do well in the Major, taking their 4th straight win at the event. The series started with mouz’ successful pistol round, but they didn’t take advantage of that. NiP won the first round, then slowly closed the gap. From there, the Ninja boys took a 9:6 lead on the T side of the Mirage map. The Swedish team won the second round, an important turning point to win the following. On the T side, mouz sometimes shined, but with the gap too big plus a few resets, they couldn’t do anything more, had to let NiP rise to a 16:12 victory.

Natus Vincere 0:1 Astralis – Inferno 14:16 (8:7, 6:9)

The battle of the world number 1 and number 2 ended with the victory of Astralis. Na`Vi successfully started on the T side, pocketing 3 rounds for herself. Unfortunately, the representative from CIS could not create momentum after that when Astralis completely took the upper hand at the later stage. But Natus Vincere got himself the last 4 rounds to end the T side with a score of 8:7. In the second half, Astralis had many initial victories, forcing Na`Vi to plan a response at the end of the half. Unfortunately, despite removing 14-14, NaVi could not win the last two important rounds, allowing the Danish team to win a close victory with a score of 16:14 in Inferno.

Vega Squadron 1:0 Cloud9 – Mirage 16:4 (12:3, 4:1)

Cloud9, the Boston Major champion, is no longer himself and is tackled by sharks at Mirage. The final series of the first day of the New Legends round saw Vega start the CT side, completely disabling Cloud9. The North American representative could only win 3 small rounds on the T side, before being led by Vega with a huge difference of 12:3. Cloud9 won the pistol round on the CT side but that’s what the Boston Major champion can do. Vega quickly won the round anti-eco and ended the match with an unexpected result, 16:4.

Summary of the results of the first day of the New Legends round:



G2 Esports HellRaisers
Team Liquid Winstrike Team
BIG FaZe Clan
compLexity Gaming Fnatic
Ninjas in Pajamas mousesports
Astralis Natus Vincere
Vega Squadron Cloud9

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