League of Legends: SKT is absent from Worlds 2018

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SK Telecom T1 missed the last chance to come Worlds 2018 – Tournaments League of Legends number one in the world, will be held in Korea for the first time this coming November. A few minutes ago, SKT just lost in reverse Gen.G Esports 2-3 in Round 1 – LCK Regional Qualifier.

Gen.G Management celebrates home team’s victory over SKT

SKT thanks all the fans right after missing the chance to win tickets to Worlds 2018

This is also the second time, for the first time in 2014, that SKT is absent from the tournament where they hold a record three championship titles – no team has ever lifted the Summoner’s Cup twice.

In fact, SKT is the team that always makes Gen.G fall into the chase in terms of scores thanks to Faker’s extremely good carrying ability – a player who has 2,000 days of professional League of Legends.

Using two independent champions, Azir and Irelia, Faker brought SKT two victories in Game 1 and 3. But as soon as Gen.G discovered that SKT’s inherent weakness lies in the position. In the jungle, the 2017 World Championship champion punished mercilessly.

Haru was brought in by Gen.G to replace Ambition to create bolder and more direct plays – it worked. After equaling 2-2 with Gen.G in Game 4 with many in-game errors, Haru turned today into a nightmare day for Blank personally and the rest of SKT. .

The “freezing” error appeared in Game 4 of the match between SKT vs. Gen.G

After an early counter attack from invading the jungle to get the First Victory, Haru’s Gragas rendered Trundle in Blank’s hand completely useless for the rest of the game (KDA 0/5/2). After that error handling phase, it seems that Blank’s mentality has been severely affected, making him more and more frustrated.

Blank didn’t leave any mark in the deciding game, even letting Gen.G catch him repeatedly – ​​making the already difficult laning phase of SKT even more disappointing. Having the Rift Herald was the last effort SKT could make as they let Gen.G consistently win teamfights with CuVee top lane Gangplank (KDA 6/1/3).

Gen.G easily got the Baron buff and took full advantage of it, slowly taking down SKT’s base and winning the game after 27 minutes.

In a game where all of his teammates were underpowered, Faker’s Akali (KDA 3/2/0) could do nothing to save the game. When pressed by Gen.G in the final fight, it was Faker who fell first, making SKT helpless in the defensive ferry that was already very disparate in terms of strength…

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Without a doubt, SKT ended the 2018 season with a defeat in all respects. There have been so many sad milestones created by Faker and his teammates – including not being able to win tickets to the Mid-Season Invitational for the first time or most recently, being absent from the 2018 LCK Summer Playoffs…

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Four years ago, SKT was also in a similar situation when they were not eligible to play at Worlds Season 4 even though they were the defending champions at that time. SKT has “changed blood” of personnel, keeping only Faker and Bengi in the squad and won the 2015-2016 Worlds double.

Is this defeat a stepping stone for SKT to boldly make landmark changes?!

As for Gen.G, the impressive comeback of Crown and Haru are giving good signals to fans. Overcoming SKT, Gen.G will enter Round 2 – LCK Regional Qualifier to face “Super Rookie” Griffin at 15:00 the other day (September 14).

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