The creator of Hitman suddenly made a game about the 007 agent

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IO Interactive Announcement is developing a new game about James Bond. This is the game company behind the success of the classic game Hitman or the Kane & Lynch series. So we can completely look forward to an open future of this spy game.

This new game is called Project 007, developed and published by IO Interactive itself. So the game studio will have more creative control over this spy game.

You can check out this short but quite interesting teaser.

In a press release, the game company said it will cooperate with MGM, EON Production and Delphi to develop and publish the original James Bond story.

In particular, the content of this game will be a completely new creation, presented as an original Bond story in the form of a video game. The shape of the main character has not been determined, it could be a famous actor or a new face.

Hakan Abrak, CEO of IO Interactive said that their creative team is working hard with partners to bring something extremely special to players and the gaming community. The team is unleashing creativity in the James Bond universe and this is the most ambitious title in their studio’s history.

Project 007 will be released exclusively by IO’s Glacier technology and the game is promised to appear on modern systems and platforms. You can expect this title to land at least on PS5, Xbox Series S/X and PC.

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