A series of angry gamers flew away because they were blatantly swapped PS5s

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As you know PS5 is currently the console The most sought after today, to get your hands on the super product of Sony, gamers need to pre-order. However, according to the share of a few gamers recently, despite having paid for the pre-order, they did not receive the PS5 but rather messy replacement products.​


The Video Games Chronicle site recently reported, on Thursday, Twitter user Bex April May shared that her PS5 order was marked as “customer did not receive” even though she did not receive any calls from shipper. Then the order was shipped but instead of PS5, it was a fryer, it is worth mentioning that she did not order this cooker.

Immediately many other Twitter users responded to May’s tweet and shared similar stories. They reflect that their PS5 has been swapped for all kinds of things in the world: there are coffee machines, foot massagers and even cat food, even gamers only receive an empty box. . Some gamers even said that the shipper drove to their home address, changed the order status to “delivered” but never got out of the car to bring the package to them.​


Instead of PS5, they have to get all sorts of miscellaneous goods

Moreover, this is not the first time the shipper stopped the car but did not come down to deliver the PS5 package to the customer. The Video Games Chronicle page contacted Amazon UK to learn more about the incident but have yet to receive a response.​

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