The complete list of SMG skins in PUBG Mobile 2020

SMG is the most loved weapon in the PUBG Mobile shooter by stability and robustness. Therefore, many players want to equip it with amazing SMG PUBG Mobile gun skins. The article will synthesize for you SMG gun skins are available in PUBG Mobile 2020.

PUBG Mobile There are 5 types of SMG skins for the 4 most common submachine guns, including Vector, UMP, Micro UZI and Thompson.

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SMG gun skin in PUBG Mobile

Gauntlet Thompson gun skin

This simple yet awesome gun skin for Thompson. It is available for a limited time at rewards level Royale Pass. This skin comes in bright colors like red, gold, silver and black. It will make this PUBG weapon look even more impressive.

Thompson gun skin in PUBG Mobile

This is a normal gun skin so you cannot upgrade its effect. However, the beautiful look of the Gauntlet Thompson gun skin is well worth the investment. So, be quick, because after November 15, 2020, you no longer have the opportunity to own it.

SMG gun skin in PUBG

After upgrading to the latest version, Thompson or Tommy guns get more attention from PUBG Mobile players thanks to the addition of a viewfinder, allowing them to use red dots or multi-dimensional vision to aim and shoot.

Skin Vector Blood Tooth

This impressive gun skin is also available for a short period of time, until November 25, 2020.

Beautiful gun skin in PUBG Mobile

This SMG skin design is wonderfully beautiful with basic black, accented with blood red lines. In addition, in the position of the handle there is also a fancy bat wing pattern.

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Beautiful PUBG gun skin

This is a gun skin that can be maximized with materials and paint in the weapon workshop. You just need to make sure you have enough of this material to upgrade it.

Skin Blood Tooth level 1

Vector Blood Tooth gun skin has 5 levels, from basic to advanced and complete the final with more and more beautiful images. Furthermore, it also provides an impressive kill effect and interesting hit notification.

Skin Tea Party – UZI

Skin Tea Party

Micro UZI is the most loved SMG in PUBG Mobile for its stability, popularity, and great power. Therefore, the developer introduced many gun skins for it. Tea Party is the newest UZI skin in PUBG Mobile.

Skin Nether Supplies

It is also available from Nether Supplies Crate for a limited time. If you like this beautiful shiny skin and want to equip it for UZI, use UC to open the box of Nether Supplies. If you’re lucky, you can get this skin forever.

Skin Crashing Wave – UMP45

UMP45 is the legendary SMG, slightly changed in previous updates. It is also popular with many people, especially for beginners. Crashing Wave is one of the two gun skins available currently in PUBG Mobile.

Skin Crashing Wave in PUBG Mobile

Also, it’s the only skin you can get from the Redeem Shop. Skin Crashing Wave – UMP45 costs 78 to 672 silver coins depending on expiry date. For example, you can use it for 7 days if you pay 78 silver pieces or 336 cents for 30 days.

Change the PUBG gun skin

If you don’t have enough coins, you can pay with AG coins. The fixed price for this gun skin is 4,800 AG coins. You can check the price of skin Crashing Wave UMP45 in exchange store before confirming payment

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Wolfheart – UMP45

Another SMG skin for the UMP45 is called Wolf’s Heart. Sounds mystical, right? It is also only available for a limited time. Currently, you can use UC or some classic Crate coupons to rotate and get it randomly. This skin is only available until the end of PUBG Mobile season 15.

How to get SMG skin in PUBG Mobile

You can Get the SMG gun skin in PUBG Mobile in different ways. To view this list of skins, just go to the store and click on Weapons. Then, tap on the SMG category icon.

How to get gun skin PUBG Mobile

If you want to know where to get your favorite skin, look at the bottom right corner of this box. Tap on it to go to the item box or store that has skins available. Events and crates provide you with awesome SMG skins:

  • Royale Pass: Some PUBG Mobile SMG skins are included in RP rewards from Free Pass or Elite Pass. Gauntlet Thompson is an example.
  • Classic Crate: There are many beautiful weapon skins, including skins for AR, SR, SMG, pistol …
  • Limited time events: PUBG Mobile also introduced many new SMG skins at these events such as Halloween, Christmas …

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