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Dasha, New characters in Free Fire has extremely unique recoil & damage reduction ability. Posts will brings you the top best Dasha companion character.

Character Dasha in Free Fire

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Garena is always trying to improve Free Fire’s character skill system with new additions. Dasha is the newest character in Free Fire. Dasha’s “Partying On” skill has a special add-on that has never appeared in other Free Fire characters, including Recoil Reduction – Reduced recoil and Fall Damage Reduction – Reduces damage when falling. If you are wondering what to choose Which character does best associate with Dasha In Free Fire, here is a good suggestion for you.

Character skills combine best with Dasha in Free Fire


Jai character in Free Fire

Dasha’s skill has an added recoil reduction – even its maximum recoil rate. This makes her skills a great choice for building SMGs or any weapon with high recoil like AK … and Jai is the ideal choice.

With lower recoil, SMGs can fire bullets faster, more accurately in long shots. This is the perfect situation to activate Jai’s skill.


The character Laura from Free Fire

If you are planning to become a sniper, you should combine Dasha’s skills with Laura in Free Fire. Both will increase weapon accuracy in long-range combat, especially when you’re using a semi-automatic sniper rifle like an SVD or a SKS.

While Laura’s skill directly increases weapon accuracy, Dasha’s recoil reduction helps you get a grip on the weapon.


Jota in Free Fire

Reducing recoil will also work with pistols. If you are using the M1014 automatic shotgun, you will see how great Dasha’s function is because all the shots from this weapon have a great recoil.

Jota’s skills are a great aid to pistols and SMGs allow you to regain a bit of health after each hit.


Character Rafael in Free Fire

After using Rafael’s skills and being discovered, a character equipped with Dasha’s skills can quickly escape by jumping from a vantage point. Dasha’s fall damage reduction allows snipers to escape without any loss.


Hayato character in Free Fire

Another sniper build – both Hayato and Dasha’s skill geared towards attack and automatic weapon add-ons. Combining Dasha’s skills, Hayato easily jumped off some safe high-altitude zones and only took a bit of HP for Hayato’s Bushido ability to deploy.

Here are some suggestions for characters that best combine Dasha’s skills. Hopefully the article will help you use Dasha effectively when playing Free Fire.

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