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The best games on PlayStation 4

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There’s got to be a reason why the PlayStation 4 is the best-selling console of the year: The PS4 has amazingly good games that you just can’t play on any other system. Examples include Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Horizon: Zero Dawn and Bloodborne. But if they can’t satisfy you, there are many other exclusive titles. From the best baseball game franchise, to horror games, or JRPG-style virtual worlds (Japanese RPG), you still have the choice to play on Sony’s latest console. There are also games from third-party publishers like Activision and Ubisoft, along with a host of ‘indie’ titles.

AAA vs. Indie

Starting with PlayStation 3, Sony has brought up fun, strange indie games. This brought success to the next platform – PlayStation 4. In the early years of PS4, you could play for free (provided you own PlayStation Plus) indie games like Resogun and Outlast, while sitting waiting for the next version of Uncharted or the game The last Guardian. Although Sony no longer supports indie studios as much as before, the PS4 is still home to a lot of great games that you may have missed in the last few years.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

With Uncharted 4, the makers of Naughty Dog took what they’ve learned from character development and led the story in the previous game, The Last of Us, adding to the hunter’s ending. Nathan Drake treasure. Nate (Nathen) is now less energetic than before, but still retains a sense of humour. And his wife, Elena, plays Crash Bandicoot instead of fighting the zombies hiding in the forest. If this is your first time playing Uncharted, you probably won’t recognize the words ‘fan service’. But the tense situations, puzzles and in-game scenes will be enough to keep you playing until the game is over.

Until Dawn

If you’ve ever yelled at the TV when you had to watch horror movie characters do stupid things, Until Dawn is the first game you should play on PS4. Developer Supermassive Games took the idea of ​​​​”a group of young people isolated while being attacked by some force” to create an interactive movie. This is not a popular game, you will lead a group of young people through the journey. You will have to choose the dialogues, making the correct choices that appear on the screen. If you are not careful, one person or all of them will die. This is a game where you have the right to choose who will die or live.

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Since 2004’s Killzone first-person shooter, game maker Guerrilla Games has launched its next open-world game in the style of RPG: Horizon: Zero Dawn. You will play the character Aloy, a homeless man without a mother, to find answers about his past as well as about the world and tribe in which he resides. It’s a robot world with robotic dinosaurs, and prehistoric robotic tigers ready to make you their lunch. The mystery as well as the open world in Horizon will keep you immersed in the game for a long time even after completing the plot. If the original version wasn’t enough, Sony has just released an expansion pack to continue to explore new lands and enemies.


Chances are you’ll hit the controller or throw it against the wall while playing Bloodborne. But if you’re a fan of the Dark Souls series, you won’t be surprised by this. Bloodborne is developed by Fromsoftware (with Dark Souls), but instead of being set in a world of dragons and golems, you will explore the foggy city of London while having to contend with werewolves, witches or monsters. infected wild boar. Just an inch or two wrong in battle and you’ll have to play again, and the game emphasizes getting used to the enemy’s attacks. The result is always that you will kill them, but maybe on your first or… 45th time. Be prepared to die many times over.

Persona 5

JRPG Persona 5 is like a vacation. It combines: social simulator and dungeon crawler. More surprisingly, Persona 5 recreates the best of Tokyo with areas filled with karaoke bars, public baths or entertainment centers, all waiting to be discovered. In addition, the game has a social element that allows you to hang out and talk with friends, or go on a date. They all bring you back to the main part of the game, the dungeon crawler: the relationships you have in advance will create different benefits when fighting enemies in parallel worlds. For example, the pharmacist can revive you after the party is defeated, so you don’t have to go back to your old save game. Everything is put together very creatively and rationally: condemning sensitive issues like ‘sexual assault’ or ‘teenage suicide’. If they don’t attract you enough, try listening to the in-game music.

MLB: The Show ’17

Sony’s MLB: The Show has always been the benchmark for demonstrating what PlayStation hardware can do. No baseball game is as loyal to the TV style as The Show. You can see the graphics and game making is so good that it makes my friends think they are watching baseball on ESPN. Furthermore, the game has a “Road to the Show” mode. It’s a ‘career’ mode that allows you to create a virtual character, competing from the lowest level to the prestigious World Series.

The Last Guardian

For nearly a decade, there was a time when it felt like we’d never get to play The Last Guardian. First announced in 2009, but then director Fumito Ueda and Team Ico team spent many years crafting this adventure game. In 2016, we finally see the fairy tale about the relationship between a boy and a bird/cat/griffin named Trico. Although the camera and controls in the game still retain the features of the PlayStation 3, The Last Guardian creates a great experience that completely stands out from other titles. Although it is not perfect, you will feel the love and effort that they put into the game.

The Witcher III: The Wild Hunt

If you’ve loved Horizon: Zero Dawn, there’s no reason why The Witcher III shouldn’t be on your to-play list. Like Horizon, The Witcher III is also an open world filled with monsters, magic, swordplay, tough bosses, politics or side quests, spanning multiple continents. The main character is still Geralt of Rivia. Thanks to the meticulous writing and design, the side quests will make you feel like they’re just as important as the main plot – not added to prolong the game. If you want to know how long you’ve been playing, look at Geralt’s vegetable set: It grows the more time you play the game.

Journey HD

Journey actually made its debut on PS3, but it was too good to be ignored in the PS4 remaster. Indeed, this game deserves to be on the must-play list. It is a story of life and loss told entirely through gameplay and the journey towards the mountain that is calling you. At the beginning of the game you will slide sand in the endless desert but it does not tell you too many details, and then slowly you will find your way to the top. The game incorporates a smart multiplayer mode the same way it did 5 years ago. If you want to introduce or invite someone to learn about the game, Journey should be the first game.


Resogun was created by Finnish game maker Housemarque, and it was the highest rated since the PS4 launched in November 2013 until Bloodborne came to gamers (16 months). Why is that? Because this is the best version of the plane shooting since Defender that you have ever played. Instead of a flat 2D setting, you will control the spaceship in a tubular environment: shoot aliens, rescue hostages and don’t get killed in the middle of a bullet. You can customize your spaceship and play co-op online or online. This game still looks very nice even though it was released 4 years ago. Many of the games on this list require at least 10 (or hundreds) hours to play. It might take you that long to get pro at Resogun, or maybe kill 20 minutes before heading out.

Nier: Automata

To be able to love Nier: Automata, you need time. Created by Yoko Taro, Nier started out as simple as a normal action RPG game. Sweeping enemies in Nier under the hands of PlatinumGames specializing in hack and slash will make you feel great. It may take 5, 10 or 15 hours, but the world of Nier will immerse you and you won’t want to leave. You will control a robot representing humans to fight for control of the Earth. The difficulty in the game is that you will have a hard time understanding the entire plot, or have to explain why Nier is so special without revealing the game’s content. The plot is repetitive, but there are some changes such as perspective, the way the story is told affects the gameplay so much that it gives the game an extra 20, 30 or 40 hours of gameplay. Nier: Automata isn’t without its flaws, but it’s weird, wonderful, and totally worth the time.

Night in the Woods

You can’t go home anymore because people change, friendships are lost, old amusement parks are gone. It may not sound suitable for making games at all, but Night it The Woods reproduces this very naturally. The artificial cat Mae returns to her town in Possum Springs after dropping out of college sophomore year and discovers things are no longer the same. You will have to spend a lot of your time talking with relatives and friends in the game. With very tight storytelling, it makes you constantly find people to talk to; Adventure in the 2D world to talk to new people. The game has some good old mario puzzles, but what draws you in the game isn’t those traditions, it’s exploring the streets of Possum Springs and seeing Mae’s skeptical reactions with his friends.

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