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11 games that Stranger Things fans can’t miss

11 trò chơi mà fan Stranger Things không thể bỏ qua - Emergenceingame

After a long wait, season 2 of Stranger Things has finally premiered. For many people, the return of the popular Netflix series will probably put them to sleep without daring to turn off the lights, but for others, this movie will likely ignite their fascination with the world. creepy element in them.

There are many titles that exploit the theme of Stranger Things – groups of teenagers working together and scary things. Here are 11 games that Stranger Things fans must try.


Oxenfree – Night School Studio’s successful indie game revolves around a group of young people on a journey to explore an abandoned military island. Visiting the island is a long-standing tradition among high school students, but an ordinary excursion quickly turns into a horrifying journey. The group of teenagers inadvertently unleash unusual ghostly forces, and the player (as the protagonist Alex) will have to make decisions and solve puzzles as the game progresses.

Alien: Isolation

Based on the popular Alien movie by Ridley Scott, Alien: Isolation brings movie lovers back to the city of Sevastopol. Here Amanda Ripley is looking for answers to the mysterious disappearance of her mother, Ellen Ripley. But this is no ordinary investigation. Soon, it turns into a deadly chase as Amanda tries to escape the aliens. With startling jumpscares and moments of extreme tension (including hiding under tables and cabinets), it’s best to just play Alien: Isolation in the morning.


Another game that also combines terrifying aliens with a terrifying space station is Prey from Arkane Studio. As a remake of the original released in 2006, this version of Prey focuses more on the horror element than the original. The main character Yu must try to escape from an alien force with transcendent intelligence called Typhon. Players can learn from the aliens, using powers like the Mimic to transform into inanimate objects, but doing so can make the monsters more alert and make things much more difficult. .

Dead Space 2

Visceral Games may have been shut down by EA, but their 2011 horror title Dead Space 2 remains one of the classics of the space station horror genre. In this game, players will follow Isaac Clarke on his journey to destroy the Necromorphs on The Sprawl space station, amputating their limbs and witnessing their change to adapt. However, players must not only pay attention to the Necromorphs, but also have to pay attention to their oxygen levels because even a moment of neglect can cause suffocation due to lack of oxygen.

Friday the 13th: The Game

Friday the 13th: The Game focuses more on teamwork (but not less scary), is a game inspired by the horror movie of the same name. With two different roles, in this game the group of players will have to confront the notorious murderer James Voorhees and must find a way to escape from him. Anyone caught by him will suffer cruel and bloody deaths, true to the style of the horror movie of the same name. Although it is quite scary, it is definitely a very interesting game.

Costume Quest

If you’re not into “pure” horror games, then Costume Quest is a lighter alternative. This game from Double Fine Productions is an adventure of a group of kids begging for candy on Halloween to rescue their friend. True to Double Fine’s game, the characters in Costume Quest have the ability to transform into the character they transform into to defeat the monsters.

Night in the Woods

A fairly successful indie game that came out this year, Night in the Woods follows a character named Mae as she returns to her hometown and uncovers a dark mystery. Long-hidden secrets and the disappearance of her friend prompt Mae to uncover, solve, and investigate what happened.

Maniac Mansion

Bringing a little new feeling, Maniac Mansion is a point-and-click game (game genre played mainly with mouse). Players will follow a teenager named Dave on his journey with his friends to find a way to rescue his girlfriend from a mad scientist. Developed by Lucasfilm Games (famous for Monkey Island and Sam & Max games), it’s not too surprising that in Maniac Mansion there is a meteorite of knowledge. The title is a little more silly than scary, but for those who want to play a sci-fi game with comedy, this 1987 classic is a great choice.

Day of the Tentacle: Remastered

If you enjoy playing Maniac Mansion then you will probably enjoy playing Day of the Tentacle: Remastered as well. This sequel features the protagonist Bernard Bernoulli and his friends in the context of a knowledgeable octopus trying to rule the world. Time travel, challenging puzzles and point-and-click gameplay are all included in this classic adventure.

Life is Strange

Debuting in 2015, this multi-part adventure from Dontnod Entertainment was considered very risky at the time. But on the contrary, this game was a resounding success. The main characters of the game are two teenagers Max Caulfield and Chloe Price, they are trying to save Arcadia Bay. Max’s supernatural powers allow her to go back in time and change the past. Like many other games on this list, it allows players to make different decisions that lead to different dramatic endings.

Stranger Things: The Game

To end this list, we come to the game adaptation of the movie Stranger Things itself. Currently, Stranger Things: The Game is free to play. This is a mobile game released to celebrate the opening of the second season of the series. This is a 16-bit adventure in which players will solve hidden puzzles throughout the Hawkins, Indiana region. The characters in the game all have different special abilities that are used to defeat the enemy.

With season 3 of Stranger Things probably not coming out until Halloween 2018, here are great games to play while waiting for the next season to premiere. In the meantime, hopefully there will be more great games about supernatural powers revolving around teenagers working together.

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