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Fortnite is asserting its own “quality” in the Battle Royale game series

With each update, Fortnite Battle Royale is increasingly asserting its own quality, more and more different from PUBG or H1Z1 (in a positive sense). This article is not a comparison between games, but rather a recognition of the distinct “quality” of each game, and the continuous positive development of the game. Fortnite Battle Royale

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I really like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, but playing PUBG constantly sometimes gives me quite a headache. I could play for 2 hours straight and witness 3 to 4 dramatic gunfights (in case I didn’t jump into crowded areas). There were also times when I played for half an hour and only met one enemy, only to end up being headshot by a sniper I didn’t even know where. Sometimes I’m not in the mood to play such slow paced matches. And in those times, Fortnite Battle Royale is a great alternative.

Several elements of PUBG have been reused in Fortnite: the circle, the supply box, the parachute. But Epic Games has also built its own unique features, and those changes help players encounter enemies more often and the game speed is faster. Shooting more often means more kills – and therefore a highly exhilarating “bloody” feeling. So, while getting to the top 1 in PUBG feels more “high” than winning in Fortnite (because PUBG is harder to get to the top), for me, Fortnite matches are usually more fun.

Fortnite’s first significant change is to the map. Fortnite’s map is much smaller than PUBG’s. Putting 100 players into a smaller space will automatically lead to more clashes. Given the size of the Fortnite map, you can go to any location on the map after jumping off the Battle Bus – the flying bus similar to PUBG’s plane. Therefore, even if you fly to a remote place in the corner of the map, there is still a chance that another player is flying with you. I love that kind of constant action – in PUBG, if I’m going to take a walk around looting, I can relax and loot freely. Fortnite doesn’t allow me to do that, so I always have to keep my mouse tight and ready to fight.

Similarly, Fortnite’s loot mechanics are designed to let you clash with other players more often. In PUBG you have to loot all over the map to find the scope, the handle, and the stock or silencer. Not to mention, there can be a Mini 14 or an 8x scope behind a certain door in any building, so you often have to check every nook and cranny. Fortnite makes things simpler: there are no gun attachments, and most of the good stuff is in glowing and squeaky crates. I never felt like there was any good reason for me to stay after clearing a building – you can totally camp indoors, but running away to fight loot is much more enjoyable.

Part of the reason is because good items in Fortnite are more important than in PUBG. Of course having good stuff in PUBG is also important, but the truth is that the difference between AK, M4, SCAR and M16 is not so big, while in Fortnite the yellow SCAR and a normal green AR gun are different. one heaven and one abyss. High-level weapons in Fortnite give you a huge advantage, and can help you escape even when attacked by surprise (as seen in the clip below). I always feel like eating more lives to get new items with peace of mind to fight in the late game, so when playing Fortnite I am much more aggressive than PUBG. I have a lot of unnecessary risk situations, but thanks to those situations, I get a lot of highlights.

All of those changes make Fortnite much more “bloody”. When the first round is over, there may be only 30 or 25 players left, and the number is constantly decreasing. A match may last only 20 minutes. In PUBG, that time can be double. Because you invest less time in Fortnite, the gameplay is also more relaxed and aggressive. You can also be willing to risk doing a “big play” phase and have a highlight clip of a lifetime, in case you don’t succeed and get knocked down, don’t worry, just 5 minutes later you will have it again. another chance to do it again.

In case you successfully execute the highlights and survive to the late game, this will be more exciting than PUBG’s late game. Since you can switch to a lying position in PUBG, when it comes to the last boards, most of the players are hiding in the tall grass waiting, sometimes even a Ghillie suit (grass) to increase the difficulty. In Fortnite, you can’t lie down, so if you want to hide, you will have to hide in a large building that is very visible and immediately attracts enemy fire. Even if you find a nice cover, the bright colors of the game will make it easy for enemies to spot you. Again, this is one of the factors driving the aggressiveness in Fortnite.

Fortunately, Epic Games has recognized these differences as what makes Fortnite unique, as evidenced by recent updates. At the beginning of the month Fortnite was added a jump pad (pedal for high jump), when you jump on it, it will launch you into the sky and allow you to strike right into the enemy’s heart. When some players discovered a “bug” where players could ride on a rocket fired by their teammates to reach the enemy, Epic Games decided to keep the bug and make it a “feature”. Both jump pad and rocket ride are changes that give aggressive players an advantage and reduce the effectiveness of camping. These are definitely signs that Epic Games is on the right track and that they want to build a more intense, fast-paced battle royale game. If you like PUBG but want a bit more speed, it’s time to give Fortnite a try.

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