The beginners experience for playing Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team is a football game with a relatively easy to approach and grasp gameplay. However, there are still skills and experience that take a long time to learn. And in this article, will share with you the “blood and blood” experiences, specific notes to help new players access more easily to the game.

Captain Tsubasa

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The beginners experience for playing Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

Urgently learn to distinguish players

There are 5 ranks of players in Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team including: N, R, SR, SSR and UR .; and is ranked in ascending order of strength.

  • Level N are player cards you can resell without affecting, as it is the weakest level.
  • R rank is similar to N rank, also quite weak. Except for a few special cases.
  • SR is a rank player without the ability to fight but only plays the role of transferring skills (Teach) for higher versions of players.
  • SSR is a player level that can upgrade and evolve (Evolution). So this is the class of players that play a pivotal role in the team that you manage. The SSR that can evolve to the highest level is the UR,


Master the stats as soon as possible

Players have three main groups of indicators: Attack, Defense and Physical, the sum of these three indicators is how the game ranks the player. However, don’t just look at the total numbers to make an assessment. Let’s go into each indicator and analyze more losses, you will not miss potential players.

  • Attack It is made up of three indicators: Dribble – dribbling, Shot – kicking, and Pass – passing ability.
  • Defense including Tackle – tackling, Block – blocking shot, Intercept – ability to cut pass.
  • Physical is a bit more difficult to calculate: Speed ​​is split in half and affects both Dribble and Tackle, similarly, Power affects Shot and Block, while Technique is Pass and Intercept.


Always pay attention Lock the player that you want to use for a long time

Some players, when starting to play, have made the mistake of forgetting the Lock or marking the Favorite for players with good stats, who want to use them as their mainstay. This leads to when training or Tech … accidentally delete these players.

To Lock Player, go to the section Player List in the item PlayersClick and hold your finger on the player card, a detailed player information interface will appear, click the lock and heart icon.


Use multiple accounts, and transfer back to main account the best players.

If you have conditions for time and equipment, you should create a few more accounts. When accumulating Dream Ball and transferring, transfer to the luckiest account the best players of the remaining accounts. You will have a true Dream Team squad.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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