Teamfight Tactics – TFT: How to effectively counter the Shadow formation

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At the present time, the Shadow formation in the Truth Arena is considered the most powerful team with the ability to accumulate terrible damage.. However, there are ways to deal with this lineup that will introduce to you in the article below.


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How to effectively counter the Shadow formation in the CCP

First of all, us Dark Strong at bursting deadly damage incredibly fast. If you have encountered a 3-star Leona being cornered by the Shadow squad within 1 second without turning on the armor, you will understand the tremendous power of this squad. Possesses champions with various damage types including magic (Veigar, Kindred) and physical (Sion), as well as buff and summoning abilities; In fact, having to deal with a squad of 6 shadows at the moment is quite difficult for players. However, we still have a way to counter or diminish the power of this roster and win.

The shadow squad of the CCP
Shadow Formation – Fire – Summon

Use the Jade – Steel formation

As we all know, the two classes of Jade – Steel are two clans that are able to resist being “shocked by the dame”. For the Gem system, it’s the ability to keep the damage taken at a specified level, not more. Steel is immune to damage for a period of time.

The team building we can flexibly revolve around one of these two systems, or combine the two systems together depending on your play style. An example for a lineup of jade – Steel – Poisonous – Beasts is as follows:

Jade steel

Looks like the above line-up is quite luxurious, when there are up to 2 generals 5 gold and 1 general 7 gold is Lux. However, we only need Singed as a core hero in the roster. As for Lux and Taric, if we have more slots, we can add more to increase the strength of the team.

Using the Ice Kingdom – Poison – Lightning formation

This roster is not actually a “hard counter” for the Shadow, however it is also a formation very strong at the present time and has the ability to take on the Shadow system. With great buffs such as freezing opponents from the Ice Kingdom, casting slower moves from Poison and stealing dame continuously from Lightning; It is possible to win against a dark formation with an equal amount of items and champions.

Ice country

Countered with item

As mentioned at the beginning of the post, a 3-star Leona can die within 1 second against the Shadow squad. However, that is the case not attached item. Adding to the main tank a Dragon Claw + 1 Thorn Armor will be much different. Depending on whether your team is prone to magic or magic dame, you can consider adding magic resist or armor to the tanker. As long as your tank withstands it through Dark’s “bug dame buff”, there’s no need to fear.

This item counter can be applied to all formations you want to build. For example, the Cat – Forbidden team below:


With the countermeasures shared in the article, hope has helped you in confronting the Shadow squad in the Arena of Truth. Wish you have fun playing the game and see you in the next articles.

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