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Save offline maps on Google Map so you can still find your way even when there is no internet connection on mobile devices. The following article we will show you how to do it on Android devices, and on iOS you can do the same.

As you know, Google Map supports directions for users quite conveniently. Most addresses in the world today are Google Maps only on the right road and contribute significantly to reducing traffic congestion.

For mobile device users, Google Maps not only makes it easy for you to access, find your way or view maps anywhere, but now, this application also supports viewing maps even when the device is closed. Your device does not have an internet connection. Please refer to us through the following article.

Save offline maps on Google Maps

Step 1: Download Google Maps for Android or iOS

* For iOS users: Google Maps for iPhone
* For Android users: Google Maps for Android
* For Mac users: Google Maps for Mac

Step 2: After downloading and installing, start the Google maps application. Enter keywords in the search box to search for places and then click search (here we search for Nguyen Chanh street). Then click on the search result at the bottom.

save you do offline on google map

Step 3: Here you click on the 3 dots and select Download offline area.

luu ban due to google map offline

Step 4: Next click Download

luu ban do offline on google map

Step 5: Enter the name to save and select Save

luu ban due to google map offline

So your map has been saved in the system, when you need to use it, you can open it to see the way or directions even when there is no internet on your mobile device.
In addition, Coc Coc has officially released a map lookup toolkit on the web and mobile platforms such as iOS and Android called Coc Coc Map. You can refer to the tutorial article Search places on Coc Coc Map was previously introduced by

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