The Arena of Truth – The strongest Gunslinger build strategy

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Tactics Gunslinger builds are centered around four core units like Miss Fortune, Lucian, Graves, and Tristana for Gunslinger synergy, making your Gunslinger units attack all enemies in their range.

In this guide to building Teamfight Tactics Gunslinger, you and Taimienphi will learn about making the best Gunslinger team components, what are the best items to equip them, and what works well with a Gunslinger squad.

The most powerful gunslinger in the world is building gunslinger

Tips for building the best Gunslinger squad in the Arena of Truth

Buff Gunslinger

Passive – After attacking, Gunslingers have a 50% chance to fire an additional attack.
– (2) Gunslingers: Only attacks one more enemy.
– (4) Gunslingers: Attacks all enemies within their range.

The strongest method to build Gunslinger Arena of Truth

1. Early Game
– In the early game, Gunslinger is established very quickly because you can get four heroes in the beginning. The best early lineup is with Tristana, Graves, Lucian, Gangplank and Pyke because you get (4) Gunslinger as well as (3) Pirate, giving you a huge advantage over other players. You will win thanks to Gunslingers is a strong squad, Gold bonus from Pirate.

– At this point, you need to play smart because when you get a lot of Gold, you will easily roll and level up to complete the entire team comp as quickly as possible. Always make sure you are trying to upgrade your units (need at least 2 stars). Placing Tristana in the corner, Graves and Gangplank in the front line, Lucian fell behind. Pyke’s position doesn’t really matter because he’ll jump to the furthest enemy position anyway, then use all his might to stun opponents in a row.

The most powerful gunslinger builders build gunslinger 2

2. Mid Game
– Gunslingers sometimes lose in the mid game simply because there is no synergy, no good coordination when there are 6-7 units. If you get Miss Fortune, put it instead of Gangplank. Also, add Garen and Fiora to get the (3) Noble buff. If your Lucian is well equipped at this point he will be unstoppable (with Noble buff).

– Continue optimizing your team’s position against enemies and make sure Miss Fortune is in a favorable position where she can make most enemies hit with her ultimate. If you have a good source of money (3 Pirates), actively roll to find champions and try to increase Tristana and Graves to 3. When rolling, actively capture Leona or Kayle you see, will use them as soon as needed. set.

The most powerful gunslinger builds 3

3. Late Game
– In the late game, your main goal will be to push to get (6) Nobles because this makes your squad stronger. Every basic attack like a unit of Nobles, Armor and HP, your Gunslingers will regenerate automatically and have fast attack speed, lots of attacks at once. This squad is not strong enough unless fully built, so make sure you have a good economy, can get to level 9 with no problem.

– This lineup includes: Tristana, Graves, Lucian, Miss Fortune, Garen, Fiora, Vayne, Leona and Kayle. At the end of this game, all of your 2nd line units must be at least 2 stars, while 1st line must be 3rd to be able to deal enough damage and break the opponent’s barrier to shreds .

The most powerful gunslinger builds 4
Taimienphi hope you have found our build of Teamfight Tactics Gunslinger useful, giving you victories in Teamfight Tactics matches, be careful when fighting against. Sorcerers lineup as they are units that directly counter your lineup.

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