The admirable love story between a fat admin and a beautiful gamer

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The two characters mentioned in the sharing below are a very famous couple in the player community Audition with his super adorable and admirable love story.


He is Nguyen Tien Sam, also known as Sam Tisa. Born and raised in Hanoi, because of his passion for Audition, he was determined to study Information Technology and become an operator at the Audition project. The series of days associated with numbers, answering questions from the community help him love his work more and more. With a chubby, lovely appearance, Sam Tisa always brings joy, optimism as well as endless inspiration to her colleagues.​


In the hours of hard work supporting customers, even dreaming, this admin guy never imagined that one day he would “fall in love” with his own gamer girl. Minh Trang – a beautiful and personality girl has really captivated Sam Tisa right from the first meeting.

The two accidentally met at a community offline competition, Sam accidentally saw Trang sitting and was immediately impressed with her lovely appearance. Sam immediately “jumped” to play with, then tried to start a conversation. Fortunately, there are many mutual friends between Sam and Trang, so the couple has more opportunities to chat and play games together. Finally, one day, he successfully convinced her to pair up with him. On Minh Trang’s birthday, Sam did not care to wade through the rain to bring cake to give her, which made her really touched.


And from here, they begin to discover that they have more and more in common. That brought them closer together.

“When I first met Trang, she was very shy, but when she fell in love, Trang ate a lot. When I first met her, I bought Trang a hamburger, Trang didn’t even eat it, and she didn’t drink milk tea. Now, I can eat everything I buy, all day long asking “stop eating, go eat, I want mom”. The lovely fat guy Sam constantly badmouths his girlfriend right in front of him.

During the time of love, almost every couple will have conflicts. Same with Sam and Trang, every time she was angry with her lover, Trang immediately went to Au to break the ring, and then the next day, after sulk, she put the ring back together. “How many rings does the shop take” – Sam said regretfully to tease his lover.


Looking at the couple’s somewhat disparate appearance, there will certainly be many mixed opinions. However, both were extremely optimistic, not caring at all about the comments of people around. Because more than anyone else, they understand that only they can fully understand their feelings and emotions. Meanwhile, Sam Tisa has always been extremely confident with her appearance: “Ignore them, I’m beautiful, I have the right. No one calls me fat. Posting pictures, everyone compliments how cute they are.”

Sharing about her boyfriend, Minh Trang also did not regret giving compliments to her lover: “Lovely like Doraemon, just like Doraemon. I was also impressed by his honest talk, I like honest guys like that.”


This is an admirable love story, the couple Sam – Trang as a typical example of true love, not caring about the ugly – beautiful in appearance but in harmony and harmony between two hearts. soul. No one could have imagined that a game admin who only knew about work and was associated with numbers could fall in love with a lovely gamer like this. The story also once again makes Audition players in particular and all gamers in general believe one thing, that love in the game is completely possible. As long as you meet the right person, when the heart speaks and a sincere heart. That is the place where true love can help you get all your love!

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