PUBG – Don’t despise girls, female gamers compete in the Top 1 tournament like no other

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PUBG VMC Season 1 has been and is in the hottest moments … especially when Group B, the group that is considered very harsh in the Northern qualifiers, officially started. Not so with famous teams like GameHome Esport, VGSetup nice Maple Leaf Team.. Group B really brought spectacular performances to the viewers.

However, Group B is not only impressed with the melancholy scenes or the good tactical coordination.. but also attracts the audience’s gaze through the silhouette of a female warrior running around and shooting like no other.


Many people think that these slim girls are mainly present to “buff” the morale of their teammates. But if they think so, then they are wrong because in fact these female warriors can completely become an indispensable part of the squad, on par with their male colleagues on the journey to the Top 1. Don’t believe? You can witness the moment our female gamer won Top 1 right in the framework VMC Season 1 right below:

Moments of members of Boot Camp won Top 1.

Returning to the results of Group B, GameHome Esport immediately affirmed its name by winning Top 1 in a row through Rounds and promising to become a real force in LAN Final. With that dominance, the 2nd place soon became the competitive target of the remaining teams and immediately VGSetup proved its ability to win the 2nd ticket to the final round.


August 23 will continue to witness the competition in Group C with the fierceness that is no less competitive than those of the predecessors. Readers can watch Group C live at 12 noon today right here:

List of main media channels that readers can follow Livestream of the match as well as information related to VMC Season 1:
Watch VMC on CubeTV at PC to dial to receive the code, cube ID: Cubeesports:

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