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5. Sexism in the match


Although sexism is now an old concept, there are still many of us who still hold this way of thinking. The proof is that there are many male gamer always think that women are only suitable for support and will never be skilled enough to be able to take on a lane or become the main source of damage. A very common situation is when a group of close friends play together, the female is often assigned to the support position without ever being consulted first no matter how well she plays.

Needless to say, this is an action that every girl is very allergic to, not just female gamer. Girls will feel that you are too respectful of their words and think you are a patriarch, like to command and control others. If you create negative stereotypes against a girl, especially about sexist actions, don’t blame her for being indifferent to you throughout. game.

6. Show off


No one can forbid you from showing off the expert expressions you’ve managed to get in the game, especially since impressing a girl is still a good thing. But the important thing that you need to remember when turning on fluency is timing. Don’t try to spam fluently every 5 seconds, this will definitely cause a backlash because the squeaky sound of this expression constantly playing will make anyone uncomfortable and you will be muted immediately .

If you don’t want to be branded as a showy guy and be permanently silenced by him during the match, you should only master it after having a great deal, or simply 1 lifesaving phase, successful healing for the beauty. At that time, you will look very cool and score a perfect score in the eyes of everyone gamer boy and games female goalkeeper.

7. Swearing


You may not know, according to a survey of a reputable information site, one of the main reasons why League Less attractive to women is the fact that players swear too much during the match. Although this is normal for men and sometimes it also means fun, but for female gamers, who are used to sweet words, this is like a bucket of cold water for them. with them.

For women, swearing is an indecent act, regardless of the purpose, the person who curses will be judged with an unfriendly look. So if you want to have a relationship after the game, be polite and treat others well.

8. Young action


Not only women, this is the type of person that even men are equally allergic to, these are the young gamer. With toxic actions like AFKcursing when solo killed, feed, troll gameit will not be difficult to recognize these elements in the game and sometimes asexual in the heat of the moment, you will do the same.

Needless to say, with gamers young buffalo, they will almost lose absolute points in the eyes of the opponent and especially with women. Women are more likely to admire and fall in love with someone with a mature and mature mind than an excitable boy. So if you have a chance to impress them, then male gamers don’t show off and don’t act young.

Female gamers play League of Legends inherently very few, so if you want to have a bear to duo In general, try to score points as well as a little restraint.

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