Server error, FIFA players accused EA of deciding to win or lose by playing… rock-paper-scissors

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Esports is known as a sport that values ​​fairness, however it seems that not all leagues uphold this principle. Recently EA – publisher of the game series FIFA caught the professional player participating in the tournament must decide whether to win or lose by an unexpected method, which is to play rock-paper-scissors.​


VG247 page reported, recently professional FIFA player Shaun Galea shared on his personal page the story of his ambiguous exam as a joke:


It is known that the players participating in the competition will be paired into a large group, then participate in a round-robin competition in the group, win 3 matches to the next round, lose 3 matches and be eliminated. In a deleted tweet, the male gamer also angrily expressed: “All my efforts have turned into futile, from 2-0 to 2-3, I really can’t stand it anymore. My head is about to explode.” Meanwhile, his opponent, Hasan Eker, boasted of his victory on Twitter, and did not express any opinion.​


Shaun Galea said that the cause of the incident was that EA’s server had a problem, which prevented him from conducting the game as usual, but had to use rock-paper-scissors to decide whether to win or lose. Currently, we still do not know if what Shaun said is true or not, VG247 page expressed great doubt about the male gamer’s confession: For example, a football match was canceled. Because of bad weather, the referee can’t call the two sides and tell them to choose a number from 1 to 10 to decide the score, right? Similarly, EA has no reason to push both sides to play rock-paper-scissors to get the final result. EA Sports FIFA’s Twitter page has not yet commented on this allegation

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