Aggressively fighting customers’ machines, the young man was beaten by the owner of the restaurant for a beating

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Net shop can be considered the home of quite a number of complex components. Although most people come here for the main purpose of entertainment, not all guests are civilized, polite, gentle and kind. That’s why there are countless calamity stories that make people net business must have a headache. Swearing, fighting, bullying, threatening each other… In business, of course, no owner wants these things to happen, depending on each case and each object, they have different ways of handling it.

Recently, a case shared by the owner of the restaurant in Thanh Hoa on a group for net business people made many people surprised and gloating when he directly stood up to protect one of his guests when he was charged. The other thugs in the shop are bullied.


Following the video as well as the sharing of the owner, the young man in the black coat asked for a picture of the customer’s computer playing, although there are still many other machines in the shop that are empty. The request could not be exchanged, this subject also threatened to beat and turn off the customer’s phone when the younger guy was still in the middle of the match, although the owner had previously told the subject to sit on another machine.

Witnessing her clients being bullied, net shop owner could not keep his composure, he had to go directly to the place to warn him and suddenly hit the thug. The owner of the restaurant was very angry, and the object of the customer’s aggression at this time could only quietly take the blow without daring to resist. A few people then intervened, and the shop owner continued to warn after a while to stop.​


Although the owner’s actions were somewhat violent and angry, the clip, after being posted and shared, received the response and approval of many other colleagues. Because in fact, cases of conflicts and fights at net shops like this are not uncommon, if not common, as usual. If you don’t handle it harshly, perhaps “unresponsive” objects will gain more momentum, and genuine customers will be afraid to go back. Therefore, the action of the above shop owner is considered necessary to both be a form of deterrence, keep order for the shop, and create prestige and respect for other players.​

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