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Defense of the Ancient or commonly known as DotA is a role-playing game, good strategy but difficult because it requires a lot of skills and knowledge of the player. Besides, getting used to the game will also be difficult when you do not understand the terms commonly used in the game.

DotA Allstars Map AI (referred to as DotA) is one of the popular maps of Warcraft 3 and has become a legend in this real-time strategy game series. When entering a new game, especially a strategy game that requires a lot of skills like DotA, newbies will not be surprised with the terms used in the game. So, in this article, Download.vn will help you understand the basic terms when playing Dota 2 so that you can quickly integrate.

Game DotA

DotA – the famous real-time strategy game

Areas in the DotA map:

  • Mid lane: Median
  • Top lanes: Top lane
  • Bot lanes: Bottom lane
  • Jungle: Forest
  • Base: Base, home (located in two corners of the screen)
  • Roshan: Roshan . cave area
  • Shop: Shop area in the forest or on either side (purple triangle)
  • Safe-lane: Long lane, usually a lane with many advantages because it is close to turrets
  • Off-lane: Short lane, this is a difficult lane because you have to go far from the tower to farm and always encounter the stalking of enemies hiding in the forest

DotA Map

Mini map in the game DotA

Some terms in the game DotA:

  • hero: Is only a champion that you control. Each hero has 4 different Strength, Agility and Intelligence stats. One of those 3 stats will be the main stat for the hero. Every 1 point of main stat will give the hero 1 damage.
  • Str (Strength): Hero’s Strength Stats
  • Int (Intelligence): Hero’s Mana Stats
  • Agility (Agility): Is a symbol of the hero’s agility and ingenuity
  • Creep: are AI-controlled units that only know how to attack. Creep will give heroes experience and money when killed
  • Tower: is a defensive tower on 3 lanes of Dota. Only when you have destroyed the outer tower can you attack the inner tower. Tower has great damage, and also gives a lot of money: 200 gold for the whole team to destroy 400-600 gold for someone who destroys the tower
  • Last hit: refers to the skill that uses 1 hit to finish a dying creep to earn money
  • BAT: stands for the phrase Base Attack Time, is the time delay between 2 attacks, some also known as BAC – Base Attack Cooldown. The smaller the BAT, the faster the hit.
  • IAS: stands for the phrase Increase Attack Speed, ie increase attack speed
  • DPS: Damage Per Second, ie damage dealt per second.

Dota Games

Huskar is a typical Strength Hero in DotA

Popular items in the DotA game:

  • Dagon: Red staff, red staff
  • Assault Cuirass: End Armor, Bone Armor, AC
  • Aghanim’s Scepter: green staff, green staff, scepter
  • Black King Bar: BKB, magic resistance
  • Blink Dagger: Sword blink, flash
  • Boots of Travel: Flying shoes, telephoto shoes
  • Courier/Flying Courier: Chicken, bird (shipping)
  • Divine Rapier: Last Sword
  • Scythe of Vyse: hex stick, turn toad, turn frog
  • Mask of Madness: Mom, demon mask, blood sucking mask
  • Power Treads: pt, tread, wooden shoes
  • Sange and Yasha: SY, dual sword, cross sword
  • Arcane Boots: mana shoe
  • Teleportation Scroll (Town Portal Scroll): TP, town, tele is a scroll that can fly
  • Tango: Tree, eat tree
  • Ultimate: ss, ulti, ultimate


Town Portal Scroll is a useful item that helps heroes teleport

Terms of action in DotA game:

  • Farm: earn money by killing minions or jungle monsters
  • Harass: attack, harass enemy champions to draw blood for a chance to kill
  • Pull: Drag your troops to the jungle camp
  • Stack: pull jungle monsters out of the field at the right time to make them spawn more
  • Ganks: organize to destroy enemy generals
  • Nuke: or nuker. Just use skills or spells to deal damage to the opponent
  • Bock: Action to obstruct the opponent
  • Deny: refers to the act of killing your own creeps/towers/heroes near death so as not to give the opponent experience and money.
  • Def: retreat to tower, house or base defense
  • Push (P): organize an attack on an enemy tower, house or base
  • Back (B): call to withdraw in an unfavorable situation
  • Rs: Roshan area attack organization
  • Miss: notify teammates about enemy champions moving away
  • Spam: Use a certain skill continuously to drain the enemy’s health.
  • Mp: inform your teammates about mana shortage
  • CD (cooldown): Notify teammates that the skill has not been restored.
  • Focus: to focus on a certain goal
  • BB (buy back): bought after death
  • GG WP: surrender and acknowledge the opponent had a good match
  • Deward: Break the opponent’s eyes
  • Roam: Roaming around lanes to put pressure on the opponent, allows teammates to solo lane to get more money and experience and is often used in the early game
  • Channeling: That is, some skills when cast must stand still and do nothing or they will be lost. Ex: Bane’s ultimate, Crystal Maiden

The above are terms commonly used in the legendary DotA real-time strategy game. Wish newbies soon get acquainted and proficient in this exciting action game!

Updated: February 17, 2015

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