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Tencent helps the police “uncover” the PUBG Hack/Cheat sales line

Recently, with the support of Tencent’s cybersecurity team, the Xiangyang city police arrested a hacker with the game PUBG – Survival game is hot in recent times. Since then, they have tracked down a huge cybercriminal gang including 11 criminals, selling hack/cheat products. At the scene, the police collected 20 million yuan of the gang’s illegal funds and two offices were confiscated the exhibits at the scene.


Due to the complexity of the case with this type of crime, the Xiangyang city police dispatched a special investigation team to investigate and clarify the identities of the suspects. At the scene, police seized 20 million yuan, more than 10 mobile phones and more than 20 bank cards, and more than 10 active computers. With what has been seized, the members of this gang have been officially prosecuted by the prosecutor’s office, so far the case is continuing to investigate further.


It is known that this is not the first time because, in January 2018 with the help of the Chinese police team Tencent discovered a dark network industry chain targeting the PUBG game. Through police investigation, it was discovered that this gang, led by Huang Mo Mo, illegally trades websites with software to hack many games, this can be said to be an organized crime group and has caused many problems. annoyance for many players and game publishers.


Since Tencent announced a strict move against Chinese hackers until now, this developer has helped the police in many localities to capture many gangs of cyber criminals, this is an unending battle with many developers. develop and publish games. Tencent said it will continue to coordinate with the police and track down hackers affecting the Chinese internet industry.​

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