Teamfight Tactics – TFT: Guide to play the Soul Light formation

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The light formation is already quite strong in previous versions, in this new version, with the appearance of Lucian adding more power.. And this black guy will be even stronger when fully combined with the Soul system. Let learn how to play Light – Soul extremely powerful team in the following article.


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Instructions to play the formation Soul Light Arena Truth

General introduction about the lineup

There are a total of 7 Light generals in Truth Arena season 2. The generals cost between 1 and 4 gold, allowing you to easily activate this clan quite early.

The light formation has a pretty stable damage rate, and the effects of this formation are also quite special. When a Light hero dies, other Light champions will restore 25% of the destroyed champion’s health and increase their attack speed according to the number of lights on the field:

  • (3): 15% bonus attack speed
  • (6): 35% bonus attack speed.
  • (9): 55% bonus attack speed

Soul is a relatively few players in the CCP, because its effect is not too strong. However, it is very easy to activate with only 2 champions, including a light hero is Lucian. Therefore, it is extremely easy to combine Light with Soul. And if we know how to match, we can create a Lucian with enormous amount of damage even while lying down. A full lineup will include:

  • Tanker: Jax, Nasus, Yorick.
  • Main Dame: Lucian, Vayne.
  • Support: Senna, Soraka.

How to play in stages

In the early game, the light will be quite weak. So, try to earn 2-star Senna, Vayne, Jax or a 2-star Nasus for the initial amount of damage and defense, while minimizing the amount of health lost when losing.

Squad early game
Squad early game

In the mid game, it is imperative to be able to find Lucian, in addition to Yorick. Lucian is the main card of the squad, and of course I would prefer to attach this black guy. Once you have 7 champions, at this stage you will be almost champions. Maybe replacing Nasus or Soraka with Aatrox is perfectly fine.

Light Formation - Soul
Light Formation – Soul

At the end of the game, if you don’t have enough equipment, this lineup will be pretty weak. So consider adding more general control generals like Malphite, Nami … to increase the strength of the squad.

The late game stage will be stronger for Malphite
The late game stage will be stronger for Malphite

Above is the instructions to play the Soul – Light formation in the CCP. Wish you have fun playing the game and see you in the next articles.

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