Top good Poker card games

Before finding a quality Poker game to play for a long time, many players have to download dozens of similar card games for testing, to help you shorten this selection process Taimienphi will introduce to you. Top 5 best quality poker games on mobile phones.

Poker good article Poker element is a card game genre with simple gameplay but requires players to have a lot of skills to be able to win. If you want to prove yourself or simply take your card game to the next level, then try the Top 5 best Poker games in the following list.

top good poker games

Play Poker game online on your phone

1. Top best Poker card game on phone

1. Online Poker
If you are looking for a fast-paced Poker game that doesn’t take long to wait, Poker Online will be a great choice. With millions of players participating around the world, you will always have the opportunity to meet, exchange experience, and practice. How to play Poker mine.

top game poker big or 2

In addition to spending bonuses from other players through competitive matches, players can participate in online tournaments, win, unlock achievements and receive valuable gifts.

=> Link Download Poker Online for Android

2. Governor of Poker 2
Continuing the story from the first version, Governor of Poker 2 takes you on an adventure in Texas. Players will take turns visiting 27 major casino pubs, defeating 80 heavyweights to achieve the title of GOVERNOR OF POKER.

Top 3 big poker games

In Governor of Poker 2 your opponents will be extremely intelligent AIs who have challenged world champions. So you can play Poker at any end without an Internet connection, waiting for other players or annoyed by the opponent’s sudden exit like other games.

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=> Link Download Governor of Poker 2 for Android

3. Live Hold’em Pro Poker
The Live Hold’em Pro Poker game always creates a sense of stimulation for players with new and equally competitive game modes. With Live Hold’em Pro Poker, you will be free to show your skills to win other players and bring home extremely attractive rewards.

Top 4 big poker games

In addition to playing Poker and its variants, Live Hold’em Pro Poker also offers a number of daily mini games such as Lucky hand, Jackpot, … to help players collect more poker chips, unlock more members. special accumulation.

=> Link Download Live Hold’em Pro Poker for Android

4. Poker Heat
In the game Poker Heat the player’s hierarchy will always be clearly distinguished. Whether you are a new player or a professional player, you will always meet a worthy opponent. Starting from the playground for Newbie, players will in turn conquer different ranks to reach the top floor, conquering the top of glory.

Top 5 big poker games

In addition to the tournament mechanics, all players will also have the opportunity to prove their card skills by completing difficult missions, completing collections of crowns and Rings. brand for yourself.

=> Link Download Poker Heat for Android

5. Poker Paris
Similar to the newly introduced online Poker games, Poker Paris has a simple but still beautiful and smooth interface. The rules of Poker Paris are diverse, suitable for both Northern and Southern styles.

Top 6 big poker games

Poker Paris has a large and loyal community of players. The publisher also regularly launches many big events, gives gifts to attract new players, and is grateful for its old players.

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=> Link Download Poker Paris for Android

2. Instructions on how to play Poker online game on your phone

In the example, Taimienphi will introduce you to the basic Poker operations through the game Poker Heat.

Step 1: Download and install the game via the link shared in the introduction.
Step 2: Open the game on the phone. Select login method:
Facebook Connect: Login game gift Facebook account
Play as Guest: Play the game with a guest account, no registration required.
In the example, we choose Facebook Connect.

top game poker big or 7

Step 3: Press the button Continue under the name… to agree that Poker Heat uses name, photo, avatar,…

Top 8 big poker games

Step 4: Continue pressing Accept & Play to agree to the game’s terms of use.

Top 9 big poker games

Step 4: At the game screen you choose Newbie Court – for new players.

Top 10 great poker games

Step 5: When you join the game room, you will be randomly assigned 2 cards. Depending on how strong or weak you decide to take the next action:
Check/Fold: Skip the game, discard the cards and do not participate in the following rounds anymore.
Check (Raise): Skip the bet but still participate in the following rounds.
Bet: Extra bet

top game poker big or 11

Step 6: In the first round, the dealer will open 3 community cards, then open more until there are 5 community cards on the table. Each round, you are also entitled to perform the following actions:
– Fold: Discard, stop playing and lose bet
– Check: Continue playing and add the same bet as the previous player
Bet: Still participate in the round and place more bets.
Also, you can choose All in (Bet all) if your hand is strong enough.
The player who can make a link between their hand and the community card to form the strongest 5-card deck wins.

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top game poker big or 12

3. Some cards in the poker game

top good poker games
The list of 5 Poker games compiled by Taimienphi all have a large number of players, beautifully designed and regularly launch many attractive events to attract players. However, to get an accurate feel, players should spend time testing all the introduced games before choosing one for long-term play. If you are passionate about blackjack games, let’s watch Top Blackjack card game What games are the best?

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